Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ten on the Tenth - March 10, 2010

Ten on the Tenth
March 10, 2010

Signs of Spring. Most of these have not yet reached my house but I remember from past years that they eventually do happen here.

The sound of the Canada Geese returning. Their honks can be heard as they fly overhead. I like that they announce their arrival.

9. Raccoons and skunks seen on the highway.

8. Flying bugs.

Trilliums coming up in the woods.

Forget - me - nots taking over the yard.

5. The absence of snow.

Longer days.

3. A loamy smell in the woods. A good clean dirt smell from the decaying leaves of last fall turn into black dirt.

2. Feral cats becoming mommies. We always have a couple litters of babies in the Spring.

And the number one sign of spring is (insert drum roll here).....
The Chinese Beetle or as we unaffectionatly call them biting lady bugs.


  1. Well, I've been seeing lots of #1, but I've also been seeing lots of #5, so I guess spring hasn't really arrived here! ;) It usually doesn't fully feel like spring until MAY!

  2. I think I adopted one of those feral kittens. They are psycho!

  3. Biting lady bugs?? Thank you for one more thing to freak out about....... :)

  4. Great post! I loved #9. When we lived in Oklahoma we always knew Spring was coming when we started seeing skunks (dead and alive) on the roads.