Saturday, March 27, 2010

As promised

March 28, 2010
12:58 AM

I hate trying to think of something to write in the topic line of an email and I just realized now that I don't like here any better.

I did say the other day that I would write about the things that I would or would not do with my new and improved (?) blog.

Some things I won’t do right away because I don’t know how….yet. These things partly include the borders. I see on other blogs that people have put family pictures there. I would like to do that but I have not figured it out yet. But, given time I am sure that I will.
I won’t be putting pictures (badges?) of web sites that I want you to try. I know that some of you make a salary of sorts from doing this, but it is not my desire to make my blog a commercial. If I have a super, fantastic, wonderfully, amazing product to tell you about it will be in my blog and there will be no compensation to me.
I probably won’t have very good punctuation because commas and semi-colons confuse the heck out of me. I try to use them properly, but I am sure I make a lot of mistakes. I know that I must have learned all about punctuation in the many writing classes that I have taken, but my brain just isn’t bringing any of the rules forward…yet.

Some things I will be doing are: staying with the memes that I participate in. I do enjoy them and sometimes they help get my creative thoughts moving. I will always give credit where the meme came from but as for a link back to it, well that is one of those things I have yet to learn.
I am going to write about things in my life. It might not be so much day to day because my life day to day is pretty much the same. However, I will write about things, thoughts that are happening around me. I don’t know if it will be everyday but certainly several times a week.
I may write about stuff that happened when I was growing up. In fact I know of one such story right from the start.
I will share pictures when I have them. I am going to try and be more proficient with my camera. Especially now that I almost have it figured out. I am also going to see about getting my scanner hooked up. I have lots of pictures that I would like to share if I can get them into the computer.

So until next time...
Thanks for stopping by,

Kathy from Reflections by Kathy taught/told me how to sign my name.
Thanks Kathy.


  1. I am right there with you. Still learning how to do all these blogging things that everyone else are doing. Though it does sound like you know what you are writing about, I am still working on that. Good luck with your blog, looking forward to seeing you again for coffee.

  2. Welcome! Hope you'll come by for some Company Girl Coffee with me.

  3. Trudy, glad you joined us! I've been thinking about what I would like my blog to be about, too, but I still haven't really decided. I don't think I have that much to offer other than whatever I'm thinking. :)

  4. I had some buttons up but it just looked too cluttered. It's great to have you joining us for Coffee. And I'm looking forward to hearing more from you.

  5. Welcome to Company Girls! It just takes time to get this blogging all figured out, but there are so many "helps" available and I think I've used them all. But, you blog has a very nice look to it right now. I do not do any advertising on my blog, but I do have some buttons, but try very hard for it not to be cluttered looking. Easter Blessings to you!

  6. Welcome, and have fun blogging! I find that sometimes I do a blog entry where I'm more talking to myself, and sometimes I feel like I'm talking to someone. All the other stuff - badges, pictures, etc. - are secondary. And only add them if you want! I only have links to blogs I visit more frequently, and that's pretty much it.

    Enjoy your weekend :)