Tuesday, June 30, 2009

ABC Wednesday Round 4 - X

X is for X-ray.

This beings back a memory of my son at the doctor's office. He had what sounded to the experienced ears of the pediatrician an upper bronchial infection. Kind of rattly, kind of loose.

The doctor ordered an X-ray to be taken. As I walked my 5 year old son down the hall to the X-ray department, I told him what to expect when we got there. I explained that a nurse would take him into a room, yes I would be there too, and that he would need to stand behind a little metal square thing, no I would not be with him but he could see me.

He seemed calm as we waited for his name to be called. I read him from the storybook that we had brought from home. He was cozy on my lap.

His name was called, he jumped up, and ran screaming down the hall. I have never seen a child move so fast. He ran past techs, past patients, past nurses, and doctors. Finally he rounded a corner and was free into the lobby. I had a posse behind me as I ran to catch him. By the time I got to the lobby, the guard had stopped him from going out the door.

We got him back to the X-ray department. They immediately took him in, probably didn't want to take a chance he would outrun us the next time. He screamed but they got the picture. Thankfully it was a good picture and a retake was not needed.

He did have a respiratory infection, but antibiotics cleared it up in no time. I doubt the X-ray department cleared up as quickly as he did.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Flags of the World

Weekend Wordsmith has a picture of what i believe the flags of the countries of the world.

I stood outside the United Nations building one day. It was a beautiful sight to see. All the flags waved gently in the spring breeze.
No flag blew more than any other. Each seemed the same strength.
No one flag tried to overpower any other.
Each flag seemed content with the amount of space it was given on the avenue.

As I stood there I noticed a young person watching the flags move wispily in the gentle gust of wind.

I asked,"Which one of these beautiful flags is from your country?"
The answer was so long in coming that I wondered if there was going to be one. When the reply came it was with a sad voice, "I don't know anymore. I loved my country. I use the past tense because I am ashamed of it now." "I don't think I can tell anyone which flag is mine. I am troubled by all that it has done."

With that the person walked away. I still don't know which flag was theirs. It probably doesn't matter.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Toys Are Gone

Sunday Scribblings topic this week is TOYS.

My son was a really good boy. He didn't sass. He did what he was asked, as soon as he was asked. I never had to ask twice.

He kept his room clean. I know unbelievable, but true. He did very well is school. He did all of his chores. I only had to remind him what day of the week it was, he would look at the schedule, do what was listed for that day.

I always gave God credit for such a wonderful boy. I figure that God knew that when He decided to give me a child, I couldn't not handle one who was uncooperative and whinny.

However, being a human being child there did come a time when he needed to be punished for something. I don't even remember now what it was. My husband and I were stumped. We had never had to punish him before. We didn't have any set punishments.
We thought and thought. Finally my husband came up with the "GRAND IDEA."

Harry (husband) called William (son) to come into the living room to watch a movie with us. We watched the movie. When it was over Harry asked what William was going to do then. William didn't know. Harry said, "Let's make a list of all of your toys."
William thought that was a super idea.

They worked on that list for about an hour. Harry kept asking if William was sure he had all of the toys listed. William was having the best time. When William was satisfied that all the toys were listed, Harry said, "Now let's make a different list and put them in order of your favorites." Again, William thought it was great fun.

Many sheets of paper later THE list was final. William had worked up a sweat making this final list. He was so proud to have a list of all his toys and a list of them in the order of favorites.

Harry asked, "Are you sure this is how you want your list to be?" William was positive. Harry said, "OK you can't play with the top 5 for two weeks."The look on his face was priceless. He knew why he had those taken away, but he never expected to set the punishment himself. He got the toys out of his room, and put then under the kitchen table.

A few years later, he came home from school and went right into his room. I could hear him banging around in there but didn't know what he was up to. Soon he came out and started putting his favorite toys under the table. However, by this time they consisted of the TV, stereo, video game system, camera, and computer. He had received his report card that day and knew I would not be happy.

We only used the punishment one time and he only did it to himself once. It was very effective.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Six Word Saturday

My life in six words.

Bargains galore were had by all.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Three Word Wednesday


He looked into her eyes. He asked plaintivley, "Will you promise to love me forever?"
With a heavy sigh she replied, "Didn't I do that 60 years ago?"
"No", he said, "All you promised was to stay married to me forever, I want your love forever."

"Oh darlin'", she whispered. "I will love you beyond forever."
"Even with all my wrinkles?", he worried aloud.
"What wrinkles beloved?" "I don't see any", she soothed.

"How can you not see them?" "They are there for all the world to see", he said with disbelief.
"I am not a fickle girl of 15.", she rebuffed, "I am your wife."
"I will love you until the sparkle is gone from your eyes.", she said consolingly.

With that he slept.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Heads or Tails - The Tuesday Meme

This is my first time contributing here, but it sounds like fun.
This week's topic is a summer memory.

On the block where I grew up, there was a woman who entered every contest that came around. She won most that she entered. If not the grand prize then some other prize. One summer in my child's mind she won the best prize ever.

She won a Block Party. What that meant was people from miles around would descend on our block. Food, and games with prizes would be provided. There would be balloons and a clown. And a local celebrity was going to be there too.

In the 60's in my area we had a television program at noon that was called, "Lunch with Casey Jones." He was a railroad conductor. He had a great friend in Rodney Roundhouse. Everyday at noon all of us kids were glued to the sets watching whatever he had in store for us that day. He was to be our guest of honor at the block party, and Roundhouse Rodney.

My yard was really big, it was two lots in size. The set up for the party was going to be in my yard. I was thrilled, my mom was underwhelmed.

The day of the party dawned with overcast skies. Weather that in the summer my mom called pea soup weather. I was so worried that our day would be ruined, that Casey and Roundhouse would not venture out in the rainy mist.

The sponsors of the contest arrived at the scheduled time. They set up the different games. They got all the food going and the pop. People started coming. They walked, drove, road bikes. There were so many people.

Everyone ate and played games, just as if nothing were missing.

I was getting very worried that they weren't coming when up drives this truck painted like a train engine. They climbed out, a cheer went up in the crowd, and the party really began.

I remember being so thrilled to see my lunchtime pals in person. They were funny. And although I didn't know charming back then, in my memory they were charming. They were charismatic, another word I didn't know.

I think besides seeing them in person, the thrill was actually having them and the party in MY YARD.

In the summertime, whenever the sky turns gray, the clouds are hanging low, and there is a fine mist in the air, I remember the block party with a special fondness.

I don't know what happened to Roundhouse Rodney, but Casey Jones retired "up north" in my state. He had a radio program. Whenever I got the chance I would listen to him. Listening to him always brought back fond memories of a pea soup kind of summer afternoon.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Three Word Wednesday


The arresting officer
had a wicked smile.

His boots made a rhythmic sound
on the wet pavement.

He walked me to his car
my life in tatters and my hands in cuffs.

Carry on Tuesday

"You would have understood me, had you waited." is the quote for the week.

I tried to explain.
I tried to reason.
I tried to show you.

I begged.
I pleaded.

I cried.
I laughed.

I became angry.
I became sarcastic.
I became loud.
I became silent.

You would have understood me,
had you waited.

You wouldn't listen.
You wouldn't believe.
You had no mercy.

Now you have no wife.

Weekend Wordsmith: 105. Line

Weekend Wordsmith: 105. Line

Weekend Wordsmith

Picture shown is that of a white chalk line, like seen on a football field, and of running shoes.

Is this the start
the end of the race?

Am I winning
am I losing?

Are my shoes comfortable
do they hurt my feet?

Am I excited to go home after the race
am I afraid?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Scribblings - The Gift of Vision

I think that I have always taken my vision for granted. I guess I thought it would always be there. I never imagined my life without the gift of sight. In the last few weeks I have come to realize that vision certainly is a gift, never to be taken for granted.

If I gave my eyesight any thought at all over the years is was to acknowledge that as I grew older I would probably need glasses. I didn't get glasses until I turned 40, bi-focal's at 45, I was right on schedule. I lost the vision part of my health insurance so from 48 to 53 I did not have an eye exam.

This spring I noticed that things in the distance didn't seem as sharp and that when reading or doing close up work it took longer for things to focus and become clear. I sucked it up and made the appointment. That was 3 weeks ago.

In less than a month I am having cataract surgery on my right eye. Before the year end I will also have it done on my left eye.

My doctor has reassured me that he has done this many,many times, as has his associate. Thousands of times. I don't have any doubt of his credentials. I know he is a wonderful doctor. My fear is in the what-if factor.

Should I contact the Society for the Blind? Should I start taking Braille lessons? Should I move closer to town where public transportation is available?

Am I going nuts? Probably. Am I panicking? Most definitely.

I do know that from now on I will not leave my home without sunglasses on my face. I don't have any of the other factors that might cause cataracts. I have just never worn sunglasses. I didn't know their importance.

I have learned that when you have been given a gift, you don't ever take it for granted.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Six Word Saturday

Tell about my life in 6 words.

Too hot and humid to think.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sunday Scribblings

It's funny all week long I have been trying to think of what to write about this week's topic - absurd. Nothing came to mind and the more I thought the worse it got. I was to the point where I thought I would have to skip this week.

That is until this afternoon. It came to me in a flash.

I live in the woods and have since 1991. I have wild life come into the yard all the time. The deer, the raccoon, occasionally a skunk, and of course lots of birds. This year I even have a wild turkey that comes into eat everyday. I love to watch all of the wildlife. I enjoy it. It is God at His finest.

However, I am not prepared to enjoy the huge, and I mean HUGE black bear that came into the yard this afternoon. We have had bear come in during the night, we have seen the evidence in the morning. But to be so brazen as to come into MY yard in the afternoon. Well I tell you, I was shocked and yes, OK I will admit it I was terrified.

It reminded me of when we first moved to the woods. My husband worked in the city all week so it was just my 7 year old son and I here at home. The first week here on our own a big black bear came into the yard. I don't know what I was thinking but I made my son sit on the floor. Makes no sense right? Didn't then either but that is what made me feel better. I crawled to the phone, yes I was on the floor too, and called the neighbor (who lived 1/2 mile away) to come to our rescue. He just laughed about taking the girl out of the city, blah blah blah. But he came down, and of course the darn thing was gone by then.

So today I was reminded of that fear. I was terror struck. I could not even alert my husband that there was a bear in the yard. All I could do was grunt a sound and try to point. He was at the kitchen sink and thought I was having a heart attack because my left arm was waving about. He didn't know if he should turn off the water first or come to my aid.

My fear today, after 18 years of living in the woods is just as great as it was those many years ago.

How absurd is that?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Carry on Tuesday

Using the phrase "A lantern light from deeper in the barn
Shone on a man and woman in the door"
From the poem "The Fear" by Robert Frost.

I had come so far and had so far to go
and was hoping to find home before too long.

I was in the first stall
and was hoping that no one came in.

I only wanted to get out of the rain
and was hoping to sleep a little bit.

I was so tired and so cold and so hungry
and was hoping to find something to eat.

A lantern light deeper in the barn
Shone on a man and woman in the door.

I was filled with fear
and was hoping they would take pity on me.

"Please", I said, "I only need a little bit of space
and I was hoping that you wouldn't mind if I stayed a bit longer."

"Why lass", the man replied, "please come in from the cold, we were wanting to fix you a bowl of soup, and a bed by the fire.
And were hoping that you would call this place home.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Three Word Wednesday


I was restless that day.
I don't know what made me that way.

It was dangerous to be so near.
But I didn't really feel any fear.

I wanted the keepsake for my heart.
But trying to get it might get me torn apart.

Weekend Wordsmith: 104. Protest

Weekend Wordsmith: 104. Protest

Weekend Wordsmith - Protest

I was still kind of young during the sixties when thing really heated up in this country about the war in Viet Nam, and the civil rights movement. But thanks to my mother I was allowed to be informed.
In 1963 Martin Luther King Jr. did his I had a dream speech in Washington. I suppose that being a third grader I didn't really understand what he meant. But it did make an impact on me.
When MLK marched from Selma to Montgomery, I was in fifth grade. I had a much better understanding. I watched a whole section of the city where I live burn to the ground that year.
My classmates in those turbulent 60's thought I was nuts I am sure. Not many of them new which draft numbers were up. They didn't know from day to day how many causalities there had been in Viet Nam. I doubt if they even know where Viet Nam was.
I tried to talk to them about draft cards being burnt, about American flags being burnt. How both of those were a part of free speech. They didn't understand why I thought it was such a big deal.
I wanted to go to Woodstock in 1969. Unfortunately, I was only in the ninth grade. I listened to war protest music. Country Joe and the Fish, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Pete Seeger, and Peter, Paul, and Mary. I am sure that my classmates were really into the likes of Tommy James and the Shondells.
I remember the 1970 Kent State Massacre. I cried, I swore, I screamed at how unjust it was. I was angry at the police. To this day I have a mistrust of the police. I tried to talk to classmates about all of this and I got a deer in the head light look as a response.
When I was in 9th grade I went to my first anti-war march/protest. I skipped school to go. It was at our state capital. I hitchhiked all the way there. But it was exhilarating. I felt so alive, so empowered. I even told my mom that night what I had done. However, she was not that much in favor of me knowing current events as to participate in them at the expense of school. Lesson learned.
I am proud to say that I have passed on my passion for our rights to my son. He knows my history because I saw no reason to hide it. He protested last year during the NRC. He called me from down there to tell me what he was doing and his reasons for it. It was one of my proudest moments.
There is nothing better than a citizen exercising their rights under our Constitution.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Six Word Saturday

Describe my life in six words.

Husband thinks digital conversion is conspiracy.

Yes, he thinks it is a plot by the government to get more tax dollars from us. Because they got tax money from the conversion boxes, and will get it from cable or satellite television. Of course if he had listened to me and bought an actual digital antenna we would not be having a conspiracy discussion. MEN!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Carry on Tuesday

As I walked into the store, I felt my nose fill with a sneeze.
It's boards were bowed and creaking.
But I was on a mission and knew this was where I was meant to be.
Nothing would keep be from this dusty store.
I wandered aimlessly, almost giving up hope. But after all the time I had spent on this particular task, I just could not believe that I would not be successful.
My perserverance paid off when I spotted it. The book was thick and black and covered with dust. But my mission was at an end.
It was the book to finish my collection. Oh what a relief I felt. The joy. The store with all it's dust was the reason my dream came true.

A fine young man

My friend that I mentioned in my Sunday Scribblings post has a son who I just feel the need to pay tribute to tonight.
This young man is a remarkable person. He has a faith in God that I have never witnessed in one so young. He is quiet in his faith but I can see the light shining in his eyes.
He was born without fingers. In the last 8 years he has had 6 hand surgeries. The surgeons have "built" him workable fingers. I am amazed to watch him type at the keyboard or prepare salad fixings for the evening dinner. While his fingers may not look like what we are used to, they do the required work very well.
He was born with a heart defect. At the age of eight he had an angioplasty. That is the balloon surgery. This has not cramped his enthusiasm for all sports. He does not play on any organized team, but he is first in line for a neighborhood game of pick up. He went on a Boy Scout high adventure trip a few years ago to the high mountains of Utah. Nothing fazes him.
He didn't talk for a good many years. He was under going speech therapy. I guess he thought until he could talk properly he wasn't going to share with us. He is still a quiet introspective person, but when he does speak it is with much thought and enthusiasm.
Three years ago he made the Boy Scout's highest honor of becoming an Eagle Scout. He now is a junior leader. To make Eagle Scout the boy must accomplish certain goals by the time they are 18. He was not yet 17 when he made his.
He graduated from high school last week. It was one of my proudest moments. Each of the graduating students was allowed to say a few words about their school years. He thanked his parents for home schooling him and for instilling in him a love for God. I was glad to have a tissue in my bag.
His plans now are to go to college and major in hotel management. I think this is an ideal occupation for an ideal young man.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Soul Mate

I don't happen to actually believe in soul mates. Not in the way many people think of them. I believe that God is my soul mate.
He made me in His image. He watches out for me. He cares about everything I do, right or wrong. All He asks for in return is that I love him. That is a soul mate.
However, I do have a kindred spirit. She is my best friend.
We met the fall after our high school graduation. We were both attending chef's school. The funny thing is that we graduated from the same high school. But, we traveled in very different circles. I was a burn-out that hung out on the corner smoking cigarettes and thinking of ways to skip school. She on the other hand was a good girl. Her dad was a teacher at our school so she had to watch herself. There were spies everywhere for her. When we met it felt like we had known each other all of our lives.
That was 36 years ago and I thank God everyday to have her in my life. My life would be so empty without her. Where I am weak she is strong, where I am strong she is weak. We compliment each other.
I remember one time we were in Wal-Mart together in the music department. This store had head phones so you could listen to the music before you bought it. We were sharing a set of headphones and really getting into the music. We were bopping and dancing and singing along, loudly. We turned around at the same time to see her daughter back out of the isle with her mouth hanging open. She beat a quick retreat. That started us laughing and we couldn't stop. We had such great fun.
Another time we were grocery shopping together. The store was giving samples of some kind of fruit. She picked up a piece on a toothpick. It slid right off the toothpick and onto the floor. I gave her a bad time. She bent to pick it up and kicked it across the floor. We were laughing so hard that they heard us at the front of the store. By the time we got to the cashier, they were really wondering what we were up to. The cashier wanted to know what we had been smoking, drinking, etc. That made us laugh even more. I don't know how we drove home.
She is the friend who when I die is going to come to my house and go through my underwear drawer and throw everything out. Long before my family even thinks to, and I am doing the same for her. I don't want my family to actually see what I wear under my clothes.
Yep she is a kindred spirit and I am so very thankful that God gave her to me.