Tuesday, June 30, 2009

ABC Wednesday Round 4 - X

X is for X-ray.

This beings back a memory of my son at the doctor's office. He had what sounded to the experienced ears of the pediatrician an upper bronchial infection. Kind of rattly, kind of loose.

The doctor ordered an X-ray to be taken. As I walked my 5 year old son down the hall to the X-ray department, I told him what to expect when we got there. I explained that a nurse would take him into a room, yes I would be there too, and that he would need to stand behind a little metal square thing, no I would not be with him but he could see me.

He seemed calm as we waited for his name to be called. I read him from the storybook that we had brought from home. He was cozy on my lap.

His name was called, he jumped up, and ran screaming down the hall. I have never seen a child move so fast. He ran past techs, past patients, past nurses, and doctors. Finally he rounded a corner and was free into the lobby. I had a posse behind me as I ran to catch him. By the time I got to the lobby, the guard had stopped him from going out the door.

We got him back to the X-ray department. They immediately took him in, probably didn't want to take a chance he would outrun us the next time. He screamed but they got the picture. Thankfully it was a good picture and a retake was not needed.

He did have a respiratory infection, but antibiotics cleared it up in no time. I doubt the X-ray department cleared up as quickly as he did.


  1. Oh, I can just see this. Poor little kid - it sounds so simple until it ACTUALLY comes. :) What a cute story - I'm glad it all worked out well!

  2. So scary even with all of your explainations to a little 5 year old. You did make me smile as I pictured him screaming down the hall. Poor little guy.

  3. Tough. I have a five-year-old girl, and the darndest things spook her, though not x-rays.

  4. WHat a great little story! How old is he now? Do they stil make him nervous?

  5. Poor little lamb. Horrible for adults never mind kids. Very personal x.

  6. My daughter still has nightmares from the time she had an x-ray when she was little. It just scared her so bad!
    Cute story!

  7. Hospitals are so scary for small children - he must have been thinking about what would happen while he was waiting, poor little chap! Certainly livened up the place, though, huh? LOL!

  8. Great story. Scary event! X ray is a good choice for X. I was baffled.