Monday, June 8, 2009

Soul Mate

I don't happen to actually believe in soul mates. Not in the way many people think of them. I believe that God is my soul mate.
He made me in His image. He watches out for me. He cares about everything I do, right or wrong. All He asks for in return is that I love him. That is a soul mate.
However, I do have a kindred spirit. She is my best friend.
We met the fall after our high school graduation. We were both attending chef's school. The funny thing is that we graduated from the same high school. But, we traveled in very different circles. I was a burn-out that hung out on the corner smoking cigarettes and thinking of ways to skip school. She on the other hand was a good girl. Her dad was a teacher at our school so she had to watch herself. There were spies everywhere for her. When we met it felt like we had known each other all of our lives.
That was 36 years ago and I thank God everyday to have her in my life. My life would be so empty without her. Where I am weak she is strong, where I am strong she is weak. We compliment each other.
I remember one time we were in Wal-Mart together in the music department. This store had head phones so you could listen to the music before you bought it. We were sharing a set of headphones and really getting into the music. We were bopping and dancing and singing along, loudly. We turned around at the same time to see her daughter back out of the isle with her mouth hanging open. She beat a quick retreat. That started us laughing and we couldn't stop. We had such great fun.
Another time we were grocery shopping together. The store was giving samples of some kind of fruit. She picked up a piece on a toothpick. It slid right off the toothpick and onto the floor. I gave her a bad time. She bent to pick it up and kicked it across the floor. We were laughing so hard that they heard us at the front of the store. By the time we got to the cashier, they were really wondering what we were up to. The cashier wanted to know what we had been smoking, drinking, etc. That made us laugh even more. I don't know how we drove home.
She is the friend who when I die is going to come to my house and go through my underwear drawer and throw everything out. Long before my family even thinks to, and I am doing the same for her. I don't want my family to actually see what I wear under my clothes.
Yep she is a kindred spirit and I am so very thankful that God gave her to me.


  1. What a beautiful friendship! I don't have a best friend, or even many girls that I hang out with, and sometimes I feel like I am missing out.

  2. What a gift to have a friend that you can laugh with like that :)