Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Toys Are Gone

Sunday Scribblings topic this week is TOYS.

My son was a really good boy. He didn't sass. He did what he was asked, as soon as he was asked. I never had to ask twice.

He kept his room clean. I know unbelievable, but true. He did very well is school. He did all of his chores. I only had to remind him what day of the week it was, he would look at the schedule, do what was listed for that day.

I always gave God credit for such a wonderful boy. I figure that God knew that when He decided to give me a child, I couldn't not handle one who was uncooperative and whinny.

However, being a human being child there did come a time when he needed to be punished for something. I don't even remember now what it was. My husband and I were stumped. We had never had to punish him before. We didn't have any set punishments.
We thought and thought. Finally my husband came up with the "GRAND IDEA."

Harry (husband) called William (son) to come into the living room to watch a movie with us. We watched the movie. When it was over Harry asked what William was going to do then. William didn't know. Harry said, "Let's make a list of all of your toys."
William thought that was a super idea.

They worked on that list for about an hour. Harry kept asking if William was sure he had all of the toys listed. William was having the best time. When William was satisfied that all the toys were listed, Harry said, "Now let's make a different list and put them in order of your favorites." Again, William thought it was great fun.

Many sheets of paper later THE list was final. William had worked up a sweat making this final list. He was so proud to have a list of all his toys and a list of them in the order of favorites.

Harry asked, "Are you sure this is how you want your list to be?" William was positive. Harry said, "OK you can't play with the top 5 for two weeks."The look on his face was priceless. He knew why he had those taken away, but he never expected to set the punishment himself. He got the toys out of his room, and put then under the kitchen table.

A few years later, he came home from school and went right into his room. I could hear him banging around in there but didn't know what he was up to. Soon he came out and started putting his favorite toys under the table. However, by this time they consisted of the TV, stereo, video game system, camera, and computer. He had received his report card that day and knew I would not be happy.

We only used the punishment one time and he only did it to himself once. It was very effective.


  1. I'm stunned, you lucky mom you. Very clever punishment! I'm telling my grandson's moms & dads about that one.