Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sunday Scribblings

It's funny all week long I have been trying to think of what to write about this week's topic - absurd. Nothing came to mind and the more I thought the worse it got. I was to the point where I thought I would have to skip this week.

That is until this afternoon. It came to me in a flash.

I live in the woods and have since 1991. I have wild life come into the yard all the time. The deer, the raccoon, occasionally a skunk, and of course lots of birds. This year I even have a wild turkey that comes into eat everyday. I love to watch all of the wildlife. I enjoy it. It is God at His finest.

However, I am not prepared to enjoy the huge, and I mean HUGE black bear that came into the yard this afternoon. We have had bear come in during the night, we have seen the evidence in the morning. But to be so brazen as to come into MY yard in the afternoon. Well I tell you, I was shocked and yes, OK I will admit it I was terrified.

It reminded me of when we first moved to the woods. My husband worked in the city all week so it was just my 7 year old son and I here at home. The first week here on our own a big black bear came into the yard. I don't know what I was thinking but I made my son sit on the floor. Makes no sense right? Didn't then either but that is what made me feel better. I crawled to the phone, yes I was on the floor too, and called the neighbor (who lived 1/2 mile away) to come to our rescue. He just laughed about taking the girl out of the city, blah blah blah. But he came down, and of course the darn thing was gone by then.

So today I was reminded of that fear. I was terror struck. I could not even alert my husband that there was a bear in the yard. All I could do was grunt a sound and try to point. He was at the kitchen sink and thought I was having a heart attack because my left arm was waving about. He didn't know if he should turn off the water first or come to my aid.

My fear today, after 18 years of living in the woods is just as great as it was those many years ago.

How absurd is that?


  1. Guess there is enough city in me to think that the only absurd thing would be if you were NOT terrified of a bear in the yard :)

  2. wow a bear!! that would be a sight to see and a sight you probably would never want to take for granted know what I mean?

    I think you were wise to have your son sit on the floor the first time a bear wandered on your property; perhaps gave you a minute to collect your thoughts to think of what to do next

    we live where there are lots of coyotes, I sometimes read the police blotter where they report calls that come in; I read one, one time, when a lady called 911 because a coyote was in her backyard. She asked the dispatcher if she should lock the door. I'm sure the dispatcher had a chuckle about that

    I too enjoy the birds that come into our backyard; we live in the middle of a city but have this little natural preserve area below us that attracts wildlife of all kinds (but not bears, thankfully)

    enjoy your weekend