Saturday, July 25, 2009

Six Word Saturday - July 25, 2009

Cataract surgery went well, still blind.

Yes, surgery did go well, but like with all things there is a waiting period.
I can't wear my glasses on the eye not done yet, so I am basically blind in that eye. The right eye that had the cataracts removed is still recovering. SO, everything is still a big blur. But I am on the road. AND I have the best friend in the world. She has put her life on hold while she takes car of me.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Carry On Tuesday #10 - July 21, 2009

Topic for this week:

Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life...

If I am not the hero of my own life, who will be?

A hero is supposed to be someone we look up to, someone who does things that set an example.

It would not be most movie stars, or music stars, or sports stars.

It could be a fireman/woman,or a police officer (maybe),or a clergyman.

But because everyone is fallible, everyone is likely to fall off the hero pedestal.

So I think I will be the hero of my own life. I already have fallen from the pedestal. I already know my faults. I can be my own hero.

Heads Or Tails Tuesday - July 21, 2009 Where/Wear

Topic for a hot wee: Where or wear

I don't know what to wear.
Where we are going is to the beach.
What did one wear to the beach?
A swimsuit? Not me.
Shorts and top? Possibly.

I don't know what to wear.
Where we are going is to the gym.
What did one wear to the gym?
Lycra and sports bra? Not me.
Shorts and top? Possibly.

I don't know what to wear.
Where we are going is to the movies.
What did one wear to the movies?
Pajamas? Not me?
Shorts and top? Possibly.

I don't know what to wear.
Where we are going is nowhere.
What did one wear to go nowhere?
Shorts and top? Of course!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Scribblings - #172 - The Plan

This week for Sunday Scribblings the topic is: THE PLAN

Yes, I planned to have a garden. I had railroad ties brought in to make a raised bed. My husband figured out how much dirt I would need brought in. I plotted it out. I was going to use the "Square Foot Gardening" method. I tied up the string to mark off my plots. I ordered from the garden catalogs, I shopped the gardening centers. I got everything planted. The garden looked great.

Then the weeds came, and they came. I have never seen so many weeds in my life. I spent hours everyday pulling those darn things. They never stopped coming in. My vegetables started coming in at the same time. I think I pulled baby vegetables thinking they were weeds. What did I know? I only had a plan.

The garden didn't so well that year. I didn't know when to take the brussel sprouts off the plant, they turned to seed. I didn't know when the broccoli was ready, it turned to seed. Some sort of something got to my tomato plants. The corn never did come up.

I was so discouraged. I decided to grow flowers the following year. Weeds came in that garden too. Sure, I had flowers all season long. I had chosen wisely. I had plants that bloomed at different times. I learned how to dead head. I weeded and weeded and weeded.

I don't garden any more. My garden space is now mowed down. Sometimes we sit there and look at our woods.

I learned from my gardening experiences a couple of things about myself. I don't like weeds. I don't like planning a garden. I don't like weeds. I don't like to get my fingernails dirty. I don't like weeds.

My plan now is to not garden. My plan now is to have plants that only grow one season, and to have them in pots.
carry on tuesday #8

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Six Word Saturday - July 18, 2009

I wish I understood written instructions.

If I did then I could add Cate's link to this, and I could add a link to a current post from a past post or something like that.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Three Word Wednesday - July 15, 2009

The words this week are:


"Man,the rain is really coming down out there."

"Don't drip on my carpet."

"The rain is hypnotic in a way and makes driving rather treacherous."

"Don't drip on my carpet."

"I only..."


"But, but..."

"Go sulk somewhere other than on my carpet."


Carry On Tuesday- #9 - July 14, 2009

Carry on Tuesday: "Dream on, for Dreams are sweet."

I hope that is a link to last week's post. I tried to do it as the instructions told me to but it is hard for me to read an instruction and understand it. I hope I did it right.

Continued from last week:

The doctor, the traveler, and the traveler's wife got back to the house just as the electricity went off. "Oh boy, a tree must have went down.", exclaimed the kindly doctor. "But don't worry son, I have delivered babies in worse weather than this, and I have plenty of lanterns and candles."

Lanterns, candles, thread, towels and blankets were all laid out on his counter top. As if he had been expecting visitors that night. Time went quickly as the doctor hurried to administer to his patient. Her husband hovering in the background.

The woman thrashed about in pain, her husband moaned with each new wave. The doctor ignored them both and set about his business.

Hours passed, finally there was a squall heard throughout the house. "Hurry son, wrap this one up in a blanket, the next won't be too long in coming now." The doctor was correct, within a few minutes the tiny but cross baby was born. "Now what did I tell you? Nothing to bringing babies into the world.", said the doctor with a smug tone.

The babies were washed and placed into a basket to wait for morning. Their mother was exhausted by her long ordeal. Once he knew the babies were going to be alright, her husband, the traveler could care for his wife. She was only able to respond to his ministrations with a small tired smile.

"Dream on, my dear one, for dreams are sweet.", he said to her just before falling asleep himself.

Head Or Tails Tuesday - July 14, 2009 - Pile

A PILE of leaves brings back a childhood memory of fall

All of us kids in the neighborhood (and there were many)used our wagons, or bags, or whatever we could find to bring all of our leaves down to a neighbor's house. We would rake them up into PILES, scoop them into whatever device we were using and struggle down the block to his house.

Once all the leaves got there, he would set them ablaze. We would stand around watching the leaves burn. We watched as sparks flew into the air, wondering where they would land. It was like fireworks in October.

After the fire had burned down some the neighbor would go into the house, and come out with hot dogs, buns, and sticks for roasting. He would set all of us up with a stick of our own, no waiting was his motto. Into the fire the wienies would go. We didn't care if they came out blackened to a crisp or just mildly warm. It was the atmosphere that made it so much fun. Of course we didn't know atmosphere at the time.

He always had marshmallows for roasting. Again, blackened or just a light tan. We didn't care.

We always stayed by the fire until a little bit after dark. He would then send us on our way. Some years we got lucky and were able to do this a couple of times before the snow came.

Whenever I smell fall in the air, I remember that special tradition of my childhood. Piles of leaves made it all possible.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

ABC Wednesday - Z - July 14, 2009

Z is the letter for this week.

I thought of Zoo, I thought of Dr. Zhivago. But I couldn't think what to write about either of those topics.

Today it came to me. ZITS!!

Most of us have suffered at one times or another with them. Hopefully only in our teen years. It wasn't so awful then, when everyone else had the same affliction.

I only had a few. I was blessed with good skin. My son on the other hand had the worse case I have ever been witness to. They were like explosions all over this poor kid's face. For years his face was red and angry.

He was very conscientious about washing his face and never, ever picking at those nasty old things. He never had to be reminded to use the products that I purchased for him. He knew his face was his responsibility.

He was rewarded for his faithfulness. He has clear unblemished, unscarred skin today.

Weekend Wordsmith - Lucky - July 12, 2009

My son was leaving for work early one Saturday morning in October a few years back. When he got outside he heard this plaintive meowing. The sound was weak. He came and got me and we started our search for the little sounds.

We found 3 newborn kittens laying on the ground under the hood from an old Weber grill. Two of the kittens were on top of the smallest one. There didn't appear to be any mother around. These babies were half frozen from being out in the cold of a Minnesota October morning.

My son and I brought the babies into the house. He called work to explain why he was late. He got out the heating pad, while I grabbed a laundry basket. We placed the babies in the basket on top of the heating pad and then covered over the basket with a towel. My son left for work and I became a nurse.

All three babies survived their rough entrance into this world. Eventually Lucky and her sister Dawn came to live in our house. We named her Lucky for obvious reasons. We named Dawn, Dawn because her baby fur stuck up like Don King's does.

Lucky was a rascal. She was a thief. She like to steal my husbands pens off his night stand. If there weren't any pens there, she would try and take them right out of his pocket. When the pens ceased to be a challenge she resorted to trying to steal his glasses. One time his glasses did disappear. About 3 weeks later I woke to a noise at the foot of the bed. Lucky playing with the glasses. When she saw me the look on her face said, "What?"

We had three other cats in the house at that time, but for Lucky and Dawn all they needed was each other. The vet had diagnosed them with feline leukemia. Dawn got sick with it when she was almost three years old. She died in my arms on a September morning, with Lucky looking on. Lucky died 2 weeks later. I know she died of a broken heart.

We were very Lucky to have Lucky in our lives. She was a special kitty. One that will never be seconded.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just testing to see if I can do this.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunday Scribblings - Indulgence

My husband overindulges in most things. He has overindulged all of his life. That is why at the age of 62 he had a 6 way by-pass done. Since then he has done everything is his power to ignore the doctor's orders for his health. He smokes, he drinks too much, and he has atrocious eating habits.

I try to have healthy choices available for him, but I can not force him to eat what is there. He would live on peanut butter sandwiches or bean burritos.

I quit trying to cook for the both of us because he never wanted to eat until possibly 6 PM or later. I am up in the morning by 7, he sleeps until 1 or 2 PM. I am hungry long before him.

But once in a great while, I will cook something that I know is one of his favorites. Just because it is one of the only ways I can show him that I care.

He adores potato salad, mine in particular. I hate making it and he knows this. I will make it for him as a surprise every few months. He will eat nothing but potato salad until it is gone.

Another favorite is beef stroganoff served with wild rice. He will be getting that treat later this week. I will have it for dinner with him. Along with it we will have a nice bottle of wine, and probably a fresh vegetable. The vegetable is mainly for me because he won't touch it.

So even though he has had an overindulgent life I do contribute to it a little bit, but only to see him smile once in a while.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

ABC Wednesday- Round 4 -Y- 7/8/09

The letter of the week is



We all yearn for something, it is only human nature.

If we are young we yearn to be older.
If we are older we yearn to be younger.
If it's rainy we yearn for sun.
If it's hot we yearn for cooler temperatures.
If we are poor we yearn for more money.
If we lead a harried life we yearn for calmness.
If there is war we yearn for peace.
If we are ill we yearn for good health.

What we need to remember is that most things we yearn for are WANTS. We have to learn the difference between a WANT and a NEED.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Friday, July 10, 2009

Three Word Wednesday - 7/8/09


Continues from last week:

She had no answers. No reassurances. She watched him as he slept and was filled with memories.

He cried when he saw her. He knew without a doubt. It was transparent even to him.

He went to kneel beside the bed. "But you promised me.", he said plaintively. "I still have my sparkle, but where is yours?"

He didn't know how he would continue. How would he pay bills? How would he shop for groceries? How would he get to church? What about the doctor appointments? How would he clean the house?

He didn't have any answers. He did not know.

He left the house and walked off into the gloom of the night.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Carry On Tuesday #8

This week of July 7,

"Is there anybody there", said the traveler, knocking on the moonlit door.

The snow was deep. It was blowing across the yards. The road was almost invisible in the moon light with snow blowing this way and that. No one should be out on a night like this. The weather report said that the snow would last all night and conditions would only worsen as the night wore on. It was cold and getting colder by the mile.

There was one car out this blustery cold night. But it was an emergency. The babies were coming early. He had to get to the hospital. She was crying in the back seat. "Oh dammit I can't hardly see.", he said to her, but knowing she would not hear. The pain was too great.

"I am getting off here and am going to try a back road. It will have been less traveled and maybe easier to drive on.", he explained. "Don't worry honey, I'll get you there.

Minutes later the car went into a skid and didn't stop until it hit the ditch. But they were OK. The car didn't hit anything and it landed upright.

"I see a light in the distance, I am going to walk across the field and see about some help.", he said trying to keep the worry out of his voice. "Oh please don't leave me. What will I do alone?", she cried. "It won't take long and I promise I will be back. I can't do this alone. I will call 911 and see what they say.", he said hurriedly as he prepared to leave the warmth of the car.

Thankfully the moon was full. It guided him over the unploughed field. Over furrows. He stumbled in his haste. He knew that her time was near but the babies were too early. He needed help and he needed it now.

He reached the house. The door was partly open. "Strange.", he thought. "Is there anybody there?",said the traveler, knocking on the moonlit door.

"Yes? I am here.", said an older man of indeterminate age. Though of gray hair and stooped shoulders, he had intelligent and wise eyes. "Son, what are you doing out on a night like this?", the old man queried. The traveler explained his predicament.

"Well, if you had to go off the road in the middle of the worst snow storm of the century you did it on the right road.", the wise man said. "I will get the tractor and pull you out. We will bring the woman into the house and I will get set up."

"But sir, I have to get to the hospital."

"Not tonight you won't." "I can do this son." I brought most babies in this county into the world. Some on nights even worse than this." "Now come and lets get busy.

The night suddenly seemed less cold and frightening.

Heads Or Tails Tuesday - July 7

Heads - Spin

Spin reminds me of the rides at carnivals that travel the towns in the summer time. As a kid I waited very impatiently for the carnival to come to my town for the summer festival.

I loved the rides. Well not the ferris wheel or the roller coaster but all the other ones. I remember the tilt-a-whirl, the octopus, and the scrambler. Of course there was the merry go round, but that was for little kids. I was, or wanted to be one of the big grown up kids that were cool.

Secretly, I loved the merry go round. I just couldn't let anyone see me on it. It wasn't cool to go up and down and round and round on a wooden pony. But I loved it. The music was even merry. The horses looked happy. It was a gentle ride.

I remember being squished in the tilt-a-whirl as we made it SPIN one way or the other. And we would squeal our delight. When the octopus would go in the downward spiral and SPIN we would again squeal. I don't know if we were afraid, I can't remember that. The scrambler was just a fun, spinning ride that went fast.

Oh, the summers of past. Time has a way of spinning out of control. I think now as an adult, I can safely say that I would not be afraid to be seen spinning on a happy horse of the merry go round.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday Scribblings - 7/5/09 - Human

The topic is HUMAN

"Wait Sam, please wait."
"Because I can explain."
"Don't you think I have heard it all before?"
"Not from me you haven't."
"You're right, that is true, you have never had to explain. Until now."
"But Sam, I am human. Things like this happen all the time."
"Do they? Do they really? Have they happened to you?"
"Well no, not to me."
"Gees you're dense. I knew it had never happened to you. It has happened to me. I know the pain, the frustration, the heartache. I know what it is like to pick up the pieces of my shattered life."
"Yes, Sam I know and I am sorry. But you have to understand."
"I do understand. And that is why I am leaving. I thought I was your ALL. I know you are human. I am too. You forgot that."
"It won't happen again. I promise."
"You're right, it won't. Because I won't be here"

Friday, July 3, 2009

Weekend Wordsmith

For the week of July 3RD Weekend Wordsmith has the prompt picture of a stinging bee or the word sting.

I looked at the picture and thought about stings. The rotten bee that stings, lemon juice in a cut, the sting of rejection, all those came to mind. Then for whatever reason I remembered Mohammad Ali's quote of, "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee."

From that quote I remembered my mom. Strange leap I know.

My husband, my son, and I lived with my mom. My husband was a huge boxing fan.

The fights would come on every Thursday night. My mom would tell him to go ahead and turn the channel to watch them. He did. At first, my mom would continue reading her book. Pretty soon however, she would occasionally lower the book and watch part of a fight. It wasn't much longer that the book was in her lap more than in front of her eyes.

She started asking my husband questions about the different fighters. He would answer but one night she was asking so many that he muted her. That didn't sit too well with her. She gave him her pat answer, "OH go to hell."

Once mom started watching she could be heard to say things like, "Hit him!" "Knock him down!" She would be as loud, if not louder than my husband when they disagreed with the ref.

Mom got to know the fighters stats.

It was always fun on Thursday nights to see and listen to my mom and husband having such a good time together. My son and I would go in the bedroom and read books or color.

Mom died in 1991. My husband stopped watching the fights then. He said the fun had gone out of the fights. A lot of the fun had gone out of all of our lives when she died. That's the sting of the whole thing.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Three Word Wednesday

For the week of June 30th (July 2nd):


Continued from last week:

"I will love you until the sparkle is gone from your eyes.", she said consolingly.

With that he slept.

As he slept she yearned for a younger time. For a time when he was sweet, and loving, and could remember her name, always.

She worried about what would happen to him if she should collapse. She was after all older than him. What would happen if she went first? What would he do if the sparkle left her eyes first?

She had no answers. No reassurances. She watched him as he slept and was filled with memories.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Heads Or Tails - The Tuesday Meme

For the week of June 30Th the topic is TOOLS.

The first actual tool I ever received was from my cousin. He gave me a hammer in my Christmas Stocking.

It was a well loved hammer. It had tape around the handle. Not to hold it together but for a better grip. The pounding part (head, maybe?) was smashed a little from use.

I loved this hammer. It meant a lot to me that he would give up his hammer.
When I got married my husband bought me a new hammer. I politely told him thanks but no thanks. I wanted my banged up old hammer.

He didn't understand. Almost twenty years later whenever I pull out my old taped up hammer with the banged up pounder, he frowns at me.

My hammer has had a good life and hopefully will continue to serve me much longer.

Carry On Tuesday #7

Carry On Tuesday for the week of July 30th:

The red rose whispers of passion,
And the white rose breathes of love.

"Gramma, can I ask you a question?" "Of course honey, what is it?", I replied.

"Why does your rose garden look like a candy cane? All red and white stripes. Why don't you plant all the white together and all the red together?"

"Well my dear, the red rose is for passion, and the white is for love."


"OK, let me see." "In this life you must have passion. Passion for someone or for something." I stopped a second to think. "The red rose whispers softly of the passion it needs to live."

"And in life we need love. Whether it is love for someone or for something" "Even love for ourselves." "See, Honey, the white rose is bold and breaths of love."

"OK Gramma but still why in stripes?"

"Oh Honey don't you see? The red rose is timid as it whispers, and if left by itself it would whither. But with the very bold white rose by it's side, the white rose will breath life into the red rose." "They must be side by side to live."

"Gramma, know what?"

"What dear?"

"You're funny."

Carry On Tuesday #7