Sunday, July 12, 2009

ABC Wednesday- Round 4 -Y- 7/8/09

The letter of the week is



We all yearn for something, it is only human nature.

If we are young we yearn to be older.
If we are older we yearn to be younger.
If it's rainy we yearn for sun.
If it's hot we yearn for cooler temperatures.
If we are poor we yearn for more money.
If we lead a harried life we yearn for calmness.
If there is war we yearn for peace.
If we are ill we yearn for good health.

What we need to remember is that most things we yearn for are WANTS. We have to learn the difference between a WANT and a NEED.


  1. This is the most clever «Y» I've seen! And You're SOOOOO right about it!!!!

    (Tomorrow is «Z» and I'm still looking for it...)

    See you tomorrow!!