Thursday, July 16, 2009

Carry On Tuesday- #9 - July 14, 2009

Carry on Tuesday: "Dream on, for Dreams are sweet."

I hope that is a link to last week's post. I tried to do it as the instructions told me to but it is hard for me to read an instruction and understand it. I hope I did it right.

Continued from last week:

The doctor, the traveler, and the traveler's wife got back to the house just as the electricity went off. "Oh boy, a tree must have went down.", exclaimed the kindly doctor. "But don't worry son, I have delivered babies in worse weather than this, and I have plenty of lanterns and candles."

Lanterns, candles, thread, towels and blankets were all laid out on his counter top. As if he had been expecting visitors that night. Time went quickly as the doctor hurried to administer to his patient. Her husband hovering in the background.

The woman thrashed about in pain, her husband moaned with each new wave. The doctor ignored them both and set about his business.

Hours passed, finally there was a squall heard throughout the house. "Hurry son, wrap this one up in a blanket, the next won't be too long in coming now." The doctor was correct, within a few minutes the tiny but cross baby was born. "Now what did I tell you? Nothing to bringing babies into the world.", said the doctor with a smug tone.

The babies were washed and placed into a basket to wait for morning. Their mother was exhausted by her long ordeal. Once he knew the babies were going to be alright, her husband, the traveler could care for his wife. She was only able to respond to his ministrations with a small tired smile.

"Dream on, my dear one, for dreams are sweet.", he said to her just before falling asleep himself.


  1. Oh I like this continuation! Great way to work the prompt into your story!

  2. Very enjoyable series. I didn't read last weeks, so had to go back and catch up. Well done!