Wednesday, July 15, 2009

ABC Wednesday - Z - July 14, 2009

Z is the letter for this week.

I thought of Zoo, I thought of Dr. Zhivago. But I couldn't think what to write about either of those topics.

Today it came to me. ZITS!!

Most of us have suffered at one times or another with them. Hopefully only in our teen years. It wasn't so awful then, when everyone else had the same affliction.

I only had a few. I was blessed with good skin. My son on the other hand had the worse case I have ever been witness to. They were like explosions all over this poor kid's face. For years his face was red and angry.

He was very conscientious about washing his face and never, ever picking at those nasty old things. He never had to be reminded to use the products that I purchased for him. He knew his face was his responsibility.

He was rewarded for his faithfulness. He has clear unblemished, unscarred skin today.


  1. Yep, the horror of youth. Still going in my late thirties...

  2. I didn't have too much trouble either - only on my back where I could hide them. My youngest son, 24 now, still suffers!

    On behalf of the ABC Team, thanks for making it to the difficult last letter.

  3. my husband suffered terribly as a youth and BACK then.. do u know what they did trudy?? The dermatologist put him under radiation lights once a week!!! MY GOD how dumb!
    If he wasn't italian he'd have been sterile for sure!!