Friday, July 10, 2009

Three Word Wednesday - 7/8/09


Continues from last week:

She had no answers. No reassurances. She watched him as he slept and was filled with memories.

He cried when he saw her. He knew without a doubt. It was transparent even to him.

He went to kneel beside the bed. "But you promised me.", he said plaintively. "I still have my sparkle, but where is yours?"

He didn't know how he would continue. How would he pay bills? How would he shop for groceries? How would he get to church? What about the doctor appointments? How would he clean the house?

He didn't have any answers. He did not know.

He left the house and walked off into the gloom of the night.


  1. the build on this is fantastic. I think you should provide links to the past pieces. Just so people can get the full story. It's taht good.

  2. Okay, you've got me interested, I'll have to scroll down and try and find last weeks now!