Thursday, July 2, 2009

Three Word Wednesday

For the week of June 30th (July 2nd):


Continued from last week:

"I will love you until the sparkle is gone from your eyes.", she said consolingly.

With that he slept.

As he slept she yearned for a younger time. For a time when he was sweet, and loving, and could remember her name, always.

She worried about what would happen to him if she should collapse. She was after all older than him. What would happen if she went first? What would he do if the sparkle left her eyes first?

She had no answers. No reassurances. She watched him as he slept and was filled with memories.


  1. I love your three word Wednesday...I wanted to read more! I know I'm probably behind the times, but where do you get your three words (or do you just decide on three and go from there?).

    It's a terrific idea.

    As for your poor grill, I think you should make a bird bath out of it or something so that it feels useful while the new gas one does all the work.

  2. This wasn't cheating. I liked it. Had to go back to last week, thought that was fair, to read the whole thing.

  3. Yeah, I remember last weeks now, 'I am not a fickle girl of 15' You should put clickable links to join the pieces. Nice 3ww!