Saturday, July 18, 2009

Six Word Saturday - July 18, 2009

I wish I understood written instructions.

If I did then I could add Cate's link to this, and I could add a link to a current post from a past post or something like that.


  1. its easy to do.....

    1. Right click on Cate's 6-word button; you'll get a screen with lots of different instructions. Click on save picture as; it should give you a destination of where you want to save it. I always save in my images; helps me to remember where I put it.

    2. Click where you want the picture to be saved to. Then click "ok". It should be there.

    3. Then when you want to put it on your entry when you are creating a new post; click on "add image" (looks like a picture); open up image from your image file and cut and paste it on the add image page and hit "add image" and it should be on your blog entry

    hope this helps; if you need it simpler, I'll try to simplify it a bit more.


  2. I do way better with being shown things.

  3. I giggled at your six words but I'm sorry it's frustrating you. Try Betty's method - maybe you'll have more luck. I have a hard time writing instructions. If only you lived next door, I'd come over and make it happen!