Saturday, July 4, 2009

Random Thoughts: Six Word Saturday

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  1. Silly, busy, interesting, involved, active, joyful

    Hey, popped over from Ignite to Write. Thought I'd leave you some info on how to add links/blog log to your blog.

    Click on Customize (upper right hand of your blog by title)
    Go to layouts
    Click add widget
    Select blog list
    The widget is easy to make selections
    First you'll see drop down box where you choose the order of your blog log (date updated is the one I use, but the 2nd option is alphabetical)

    2nd drop down box gives you a selection of how many blogs to show on your list

    Next you have 5 options where you just click a box
    Date updated

    I use Icon, title, and date updated (if you want to look at my blog you'll see how that shows up).

    Then click save.

    You know have the widget on your blog.

    To add someone to your list, go to their page (select them from a comment on your blog, and right click your mouse to copy the url.

    Come back to your blog, click the edit feature under your widget (the pencil), and click on add to blog, a separate small window opens, cut and paste the url into the box, click add, then click save.

    Let me know if you need's really faster and easier than it sounds from my long directions.