Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Heads Or Tails Tuesday - July 7

Heads - Spin

Spin reminds me of the rides at carnivals that travel the towns in the summer time. As a kid I waited very impatiently for the carnival to come to my town for the summer festival.

I loved the rides. Well not the ferris wheel or the roller coaster but all the other ones. I remember the tilt-a-whirl, the octopus, and the scrambler. Of course there was the merry go round, but that was for little kids. I was, or wanted to be one of the big grown up kids that were cool.

Secretly, I loved the merry go round. I just couldn't let anyone see me on it. It wasn't cool to go up and down and round and round on a wooden pony. But I loved it. The music was even merry. The horses looked happy. It was a gentle ride.

I remember being squished in the tilt-a-whirl as we made it SPIN one way or the other. And we would squeal our delight. When the octopus would go in the downward spiral and SPIN we would again squeal. I don't know if we were afraid, I can't remember that. The scrambler was just a fun, spinning ride that went fast.

Oh, the summers of past. Time has a way of spinning out of control. I think now as an adult, I can safely say that I would not be afraid to be seen spinning on a happy horse of the merry go round.


  1. You have just described my childhood love of carnivals to a T!!! The exact same rides!!! Even the leaning back and forth to get the Tilt-A-Whirl spinning faster. (I didn't like rides that took me to high due to my fear of heights.)

    After reading your post I suddenly want a corndog. :)

  2. this brought back great memories!
    I USED to love to spin.. NOw?? eyeeyeey!
    Just can't handle it!
    thanks for visiting me..
    don't know why, but blogger isn't sending my comments to my email. very frustrating.