Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Memories

I do remember Halloween from when I was a kid. We always had such a grand time. We didn't have the fears that are present today. However, most parents did have some rules.

One rule was not to go into the home of someone you didn't know. One Halloween we broke that rule. Why? I don't know, caught up in the excitement maybe. Two women of an indeterminate age lived in this house. We had to pass their house on the way to and from school each day. It always looked kind of mysterious. Not haunted just a weird sort of place. Anyway, there we were, 6 or 7 of us looking for our handout. They invited us in so they could get a better look at our costumes. Once we were all inside the door, one of them closed the door. And locked it, gulp. Then the lights went out. We let out a collective squeal. We heard the tow women laughing. Some of us started to cry. After what seemed like an eternity the lights came back on. The women offered us hot chocolate. We declined and scampered out just as fast as we could. I doubt we ever broke that rule again.

One of the best places to go for candy was the Nun's house. All the nun's would come to the door. There were 12 nuns that lived there. Each one handed out her own piece of candy. She had to Ohhh and Awww over our costumes. Imagine, 12 pieces of candy in one stop!.

The really best place to stop was the local Ben Franklin. The owner was always there and let us pick out our own candy from what he normally sold. It didn't even have to be from the penny candy. It could be 5 cent candy bar. Wow!

I remember one time the person came to the door and told us it would have to be trick before he gave us a treat. We explained to him that the trick was of the TPing variety. He told us no that we had to preform some sort of trick for him. I think we did somersaults across his lawn. We did eventually get our treat but we had to work for it.

Our streets were in alphabetical order. We started at M and went to U. The we went back to M and went to A. We didn't go to Z because that would have meant crossing the highway and that was the BIG rule. We started on 39Th and went up to 34Th. We worked both sides of the streets. The alphabet ran north and south, the numbers were east and west.

One year someone attacked my brother's bag. Slit it right down the side. Fortunately, we were under a street lamp. We could see most of the candy and were able to pick it up. We were only a few blocks from home. We went home and traded out the bags. Then we got a fresh start.

I don't see anything wrong with organized Halloween parties but I do think the kids miss out on the actual trick or treating. I mean it was just so much fun to run wild, without adult supervision, and be crazy for a few hours. Kids today don't get that same chance. Either they are at a supervised party or there is a parent waiting curbside for them. Not a chance to go a little crazy.

Now as an adult, I don't have to wait for Halloween to act/get a little crazy. It is one of the perks of being a parent.

Six Word Saturday - October 31, 2009

Six Word Saturday

October 31, 2009

Trying to get laundry caught up.

Too many things have been going on and the laundry piled up. I knew I was in trouble when the only clean towels in the house were the guest towels.
How do two people have so many dirty clothes?

Friday, October 30, 2009

All Hallows Eve 2009

I remember the excitement of the night before Halloween. There was so much to do and really so very little time.

We had to finish the costumes. We had to make sure that we had the proper make-up needed. We had to make sure that our traveling strategy was correct. We had to make sure that we had the proper bags (usually pillowcases).

When I was a kid we had no boundaries for trick or treating. We never had a parent go out with us. Sure, there were rules. Like never go into the house of a stranger, and never eat any candy until we got home.

We traveled miles away from home, only returning home to empty the bag to go back out. I don't think we went out for so long or so far from home because we were greedy, although maybe we were a little. But, I think we went out the way we did because we were having so much fun. We were breaking all of the regular rules. We were scaring each other silly. We were having a grand time. We got to stay out way past curfew and up way past bedtime.

I remember my mom went through the bags before we even had a chance to eat a piece of candy. First all of the homemade treats were tossed. Then the gum was taken out, we weren't allowed to chew gum. Then the candy bars were divided up into their respective types (snickers, Kit-kat, etc). Next were suckers, smarties, and things like sweetarts they all went into a pile. We would put the sensible things into piles, things like tooth brushes, coins, small toys to be divided later. This was almost as much fun as the tick or treating, almost. When this was all finished, mom would put the candy all into the freezer. She would dole it out to us. We were still eating Halloween candy at Easter time.

When my son became old enough for trick or treating I eagerly anticipated the yearly event. It was good in the beginning. I helped home plan his costumes. Most of which were my idea. He went as a bear, a bee, and one year as Waldo. In the later years he didn't want mom's help. He wanted the help of friends he would be going out with. I told him it was OK but he was not to do any monsters or anything gruesome . He followed my rule fairly well. Except one year he and a friend went as conjoined twins.

We don't get trick or treaters where we live. I guess 22 miles from town is too far to drive just for candy. Now that my son is grown (he's 25), and I have no reason to celebrate this fun childhood custom, I am missing it.

I think tomorrow I will write about some of the most memorable Halloweens that I had as a child.

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook - October 26, 2009

This is my first time joining The Simple Woman's Daybook.
I decided to do this because it might help me to refocus my days/weeks. It might help me to see what really is important. It might help me make the transformation into a daily blog.

Outside my window: It is night. I guess I should do this Monday morning. It is cold tonight and rainy. I can hear it on the windows.

I am thinking: About my son coming home tomorrow to help his dad put up "No Trespassing" signs, and to change the lawn tractor into the snow blower. I am wondering if he will be here for dinner.

I am thankful: That God loves me. No matter how bad I mess up.

I am wearing: Light blue hoody, navy blue pants, socks, warm slippers.

I am remembering: A friend that is no longer a friend.

I am going: Many places this week. I live 22 miles from town. I try and get all my errands done in one day. This is the line up so far: get new lenses for glasses, get B12 shot, Wal Mart, thrift store(s), dollar store, library, grocery store, fabric store, Ben Franklin, and the pharmacy.

I am creating: I am going to start tomorrow on a crocheted rug made out of fabric with a size Q hook. I am going to start making a set of embroidered dish towels after the trip to Ben Franklin. I need to buy the flour sack towels. These will be for a Christmas gift.

I am reading: "True Compass" by Ted Kennedy and "Hinds' Feet on High Places" by Hannah Hurnaurd

I am hoping: That the snow holds off until after the 8th of November. I want to go visit my aunt who lives 3 1/2 hours away the weekend of the 6th, and don't want to have to brave the weather. I will brave the weather if I have to because I love her madly. She is 88 now and I have not been to her house since last February. She has been here but I have not been to her house.

On my mind: My husband's health. It is not good. Not physically or mentally. He is agoraphobic. He has to take strong doses of Adavan to leave the house. He had by pass surgery almost 10 years ago and does not take care of himself and won't let me help him. I am making a doctor's appointment for him because now I am also afraid of signs I am seeing might be dementia. He is 72, I am 54.

From the learning rooms: I wish I knew what this was. Maybe by next week I will.

Noticing that: I have been online 3 hours and am still doing blog things. Reading the ones I follow first and now writing in mine. I have never been here this long. I am enjoying it.

From the Kitchen: Bread dough that needs to be put in the fridge. I use the recipes from a book about making bread in 5 minutes a day. (I don't want to use the title in case that is against the rules) Tomorrow we will have fresh bread. I never buy bread now, I always have dough available.

Around the house: Is a mess. I am in transition. Half in the summer clothes, half out. I am still unpacking the winter clothes, and until I get all of the summer ones washed I am no where to put the winter ones. Plus big black garbage bags getting ready for the thrift shop. If I didn't wear it this summer it goes.

Please join us at The Simple Woman's Daybook. To follow along or to do your own.

I am not sure if I provided the link correctly but I hope you can make it there. And I don't know how to put the beautiful picture of the woman writing on here either. I hope I have not broken too many rules my first time out.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Six Word Saturday - October 24, 2009

Six Word Saturday

October 24, 2009

Thinking of making blog changes soon.

I like reading the blogs of people who blog something about their lives everyday. I am thinking and thinking that maybe this is what I need to do. Sort of a journal.
I like participating in the creative endeavors, they got me started blogging, but now I feel like I want more.
We'll see.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Six Word Saturday 10/17/09

Six word Saturday


I hate cold! No more cold!!

Winter is over now right? It has to be. We had snow this week and highs only in the 30's but tomorrow is supposed to be in the 60s, so that must mean it is spring. Right?

Friday, October 16, 2009

ABC Wednesday Round 5 - M Week of October 14, 2009

ABC Wednesday Week of October 14, 2009

M is for Marines

My uncle was a Marine during WWII. He received a Bronze Star for something that happened to him and his unit. He would never talk about it. But they don't give those out for nothing. He was at Guadalcacal. I don't know if the something happened there, before, or after. I am proud of my uncle for the service he gave to his country.

My brother was a Marine. He served during peace time. If you can't remember this country ever being at peace it was from 1976 to 1986 that my brother served. He was a helicopter pilot. He flew search and rescue in California, even delivered a baby once. He was sent to Quantico, VA. One time during a blizzard he drove his own vehicle around the area helping to being hospital personnel into the hospitals where they worked. He flew Marine One for President Reagen. He fell off the top of a helicopter and was forced to take a medical discharge. He went in as a boy of 17 and came out a man. I am proud of my brother for the service he gave to his country.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sunday Scribblings #184 - Bump in the Night. 10/10/09

Sunday Scribblings

Bump in the Night


The house looked like a normal house. An older home, built shortly after WWII. It was a two story home that had been converted into a duplex. It was white stucco, with green trim. There were awnings on the front windows. The yard had pretty flowers planted here and there.

The neighborhood was typical for the area. Similar houses on both sides of the street. Tall full grown trees bordered the boulevard, creating an arch over the street. The children played in the street, catch, tag, and other games. It was a nice quiet neighborhood.

Did I mention that the house was haunted? A young boy had died there. He was 11 when he died. He fell off the back steps, cracked his head on the cement, and never woke up. I guess he wasn't ready to cross over or whatever it is they say about the dead because he was haunting his family's home.

I know these things are fact because I lived there for a year. When I first noticed strange things happening, I put it to my landlord and her crazy sense of humor. My roommate found my earrings in the toe of her shoes. Her contact lens case was in the bottom of my closet. Just little things that didn't really add up but that weren't scary. My landlord denied having anything to do with the "pranks", but rather than accept what it then must be my roommate and I pretended it was her and not a ghostly possibility.

I guess we had lived there about 8 months when the landlord's innocence was proven to us. It was a work day morning. I rolled over, looked at the clock, and screamed. My clock was an hour slow. I was an hour late for work. I couldn't understand why my roommate didn't wake me up, until I saw she was still in her bed. All of our clocks were set back by exactly 1 hour. No, it was not the end of day light savings time.

I was sitting in the kitchen waiting for the coffee to finish (I don't do anything without coffee), I was feeling frustrated at the late start to my day. I said in a loud perturbed voice, "Tommy, if you have to mess with the clocks could you at least wait until the weekend?" The broom closet door flew open, and garbage started flying out all over the kitchen. I screamed, my roommate came running, and we both stood there in a state of half undress while a couple days worth of garbage was flung about the room. Again in a loud voice I spoke, "OK, OK I take it back." The garbage settled to the floor.

I do not believe in ghosts. I do not believe in life after death, except in heaven. I do not believe in haunted houses. I believe that when we die we either go to heaven or hell, immediately. We do not pass go and we do not collect $200.00, and we do not linger here on earth as a ghostly spirit.

Having said all that, I do believe that I lived in a haunted house. I do believe that there was a ghostly quality that lived there. I don't know how that is possible but with all of the evidence before me I had to admit that the house was no normal house.

Six Word Saturday - 10/10/09

Six Word Saturday

Snowed last night, WAY to early.

I don't like to see snow in October. It reminds me of Halloween of 1991. We got 37 inches in just over 24 hours. Horrible memory.
Besides snow this early makes for a very long winter.