Friday, October 16, 2009

ABC Wednesday Round 5 - M Week of October 14, 2009

ABC Wednesday Week of October 14, 2009

M is for Marines

My uncle was a Marine during WWII. He received a Bronze Star for something that happened to him and his unit. He would never talk about it. But they don't give those out for nothing. He was at Guadalcacal. I don't know if the something happened there, before, or after. I am proud of my uncle for the service he gave to his country.

My brother was a Marine. He served during peace time. If you can't remember this country ever being at peace it was from 1976 to 1986 that my brother served. He was a helicopter pilot. He flew search and rescue in California, even delivered a baby once. He was sent to Quantico, VA. One time during a blizzard he drove his own vehicle around the area helping to being hospital personnel into the hospitals where they worked. He flew Marine One for President Reagen. He fell off the top of a helicopter and was forced to take a medical discharge. He went in as a boy of 17 and came out a man. I am proud of my brother for the service he gave to his country.

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