Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sunday Stealing The 35 Questions X 2 - March 27, 2010

Sunday Stealing
The 35 questions X 2
March 27, 2010

1. How far away is the last person you kissed?

About 50 miles
2. Has someone ever told you they would be with you forever?
Yes, my husband
3. Last person you were in a car with?
My aunt and cousin
4. Any plans for tomorrow?
Some grocery shopping
5. How long does it take for you to take a shower?
About 10 minutes in the water, about another 15 in the bathroom.
6. Best friend or close friends?
7. Is tomorrow going to be a good day?
I am not psychic so I have no way of knowing, but I sure hope so.
8. Did you kiss anyone Friday?
9. Ever thrown up in public?
In my mispent youth I did too many times.
10. What's on your mind RIGHT NOW?
Financial troubles.
11. Who was the last person you talked to?
My husband
12. What is the WORST subject they teach at school?
PhEd and/or sports. Ever notice how the Arts are the first subjects to get cut but NEVER the football, or basketball, or volleyball? Aren't the arts important any more? Oh don't get me started.
13. Have you seen anyone lately that you don't get along with?
I haven't seem too many people lately
14. What is your favourite colour top to wear?
15. Have you ever been in a car accident?
I have been in 3 rear end accidents. I was the one getting hit.
16. What's the closest thing to you that's green?
The shirt I am wearing.
17. Where would you like to be right now?
In the city.
18. Write down some lyrics to the song you're listening to?

I don't think there are any lyrics. It is the theme music to PBS Sherlock Holmes.
19. How many dogs do you have?
20. Is anything bugging you right now?
Just about everything. I'm kinda crabby tonight.
21. Is life going right for you now?
22. Is there someone you care about more than yourself?

My family
23. What made you laugh today?
A movie
24. What was the last movie you watched?
Sleepless in Seattle
25. Whats the last conversation you had about?
26. What were you doing at 7:00 this morning?
Still sleeping.
27. Do you like your hair long or short?
Very short
28. Do you want to see somebody right now?
29. Do you like the rain?
If it is a warm rain I like to walk in it. If I am in a warm house and it is a cold rain, yes I do like it.
30. Did you have a valentine this year?
My husband
31. The last person you kissed needs you at 3 am, would you go?
32. Would you honestly say you'd risk your life for someone else?

Of course.
33. Honestly, if you could go back 1 month and change something would you?

Yes I sure would. I wouldn't make the mistake in the checkbook that I did.
34. How do you feel about boys smoking?
I wish I didn't smoke, and I sure wish no one else did either.
35. Could you see yourself with someone forever?
I suppose since I am married for almost 20 years, yes I can.


  1. I do not like Physical Education too. I hope the mistake in the checkbook is not that bad. I am glad to hear that although you smoke , you wish you don't . My hubby smokes too and I think I am a rather understanding non smoking wife. lol

    Mine is here
    Happy Sunday!
    Have you a great week ahead!


  2. #12....yes, yes, I so agree...but on one thing....have sports AND arts!!! And music classes also. My subject I picked is all ....just all wrong these days.

    My Sunday Stealing is HERE Hope you can make time to visit with me!!

  3. I gotta do some grocery shopping too. I keep putting it off.

    Have a great Sunday

    Join us for Monday Mayhem