Sunday, March 28, 2010

Monday Mahem - The Annoying Meme March 28, 2010

Monday Mayhem
The Annoying Meme
March 28, 2010

What annoys you about people that you spend time with outside your home (coworkers etc)?

The rudeness that seems to be normal these days.

What annoys you about people in your home?

His incessant noises. He makes this noise that sounds like static. ALL DAY AND NIGHT LONG!

What annoys you about talking on the phone?

Friends who let their children (14-16) interrupt our long distance conversation.

What annoys you about the over-used terms that people use?

The fact that evidently no one can think for themselves and need to have catch phrases. Isn't there an original thought left?

What annoys you about restaurant foods?

The quality and the price.

What annoys you about restaurant servers?

Multiple piercings. I mean really I don't care to see a stud on the tongue of my server or one in their lip. EWW.

What annoys you about reading other blogs?
Giveaways that I have to post back to my blog and then go onto Twitter to get more entries. Or worse go to another web site entirely. I don't bother with those.

What annoys you about memes?

I don't know for sure.

What annoys you about commenting on blogs?
I like to comment but don't always have anything to say. So I just don't. This is something that probably annoys other bloggers about people like me.

What annoys you about people who chew gum?
When they crack it. One time I was in for a mammogram and the tech kept cracking her gum right in my ears.

What annoys you about driving on the highway?
Tailgaters. I mostly drive on a 2 lane highway. I hate it when they are right behind me and I am doing more than the speed limit. Where would they like me to go? Wait don't answer that.

What annoys you about shopping at Walmart?
The fact that nothing is made in the USA and most of it is made in China of all places.

What annoys you about kids?
Almost everything.

What annoys you about your gender?

The whiners.

What annoys you about the opposite sex?
Almost everything.

What annoys you about shoes?
The older I get the bigger my foot gets.

What annoys you about shopping for clothes?
That they keep making them smaller but not changing the size. That and the prices.

What annoys you about music?
Songs whose words I can not understand.

What annoys you about drinking alcohol?

I don't

What annoys you about pizza?

That pizza places keep trying to improve on something that is already perfect. Stuffed crust, square, different types of sauces, etc. Oh and people who put mushrooms and or anchovies on a beautiful pizza.


  1. Whiners drive me crazy. I go out of my way to not let them get away with it since I'm tired of being the victim.

    Thanks for playing!

  2. your answer to the question about what annoys you about kids made me chuckle. That was pretty good.

  3. I feel the same way when it comes to WalMart...So many people are oblivious to it.