Friday, April 30, 2010

Counting Your Blessings

Counting Your Blessings

My best friend needs to be given a name. I asked her about this and she prefers not to have her real name mentioned. Her exact words were, "EEH I'd rather not be out there." So I need to come up with a new name for her. After reading this post maybe you can give me some ideas.

She has a very old Volvo. It probably has over 200,00 miles on it. She has been driving it for about 6 years. It was given, yes given to her family when they needed a vehicle. This car has been a blessing and a torment. Being old it has needed some occasional major repairs. However, the repairs were cheaper than a different car. She always felt very fortunate to have this car.

A couple of weeks ago she and two of her sons had to go out of town. They traveled in this car 95 miles in just one direction to their destination. Once there there was driving around to be done for the entire weekend. Then there was the return trip home, another 95 miles. I mention this because it becomes important later in the story.

The week after the out of town trip my friend, (name as yet unknown), had a busy week. She had to drive to the farm where she purchases the family's milk, eggs, and meat. That is a round trip of 120 miles. She also had to take her son to his classes at the college, total miles only about 40. There was a Boy Scout function that she had to attend with round trip mileage of about 20. There was church on Sunday, round trip of 75 miles. Plus she had the normal weekly shopping and what not things to do for a busy family of 6.

The car never gave any sign that it was ill or even that it was fading fast. She went out to go somewhere yesterday and it would not start. Not even a click. She called to tell me that she was without a car. I was so sad for her because she is such a good person and needs to be mobile.

But, we counted her blessing and decided that it was a good thing that the car had died. It was good because she had done all of that traveling and made it home, had been to the farm and grocery shopping and was home. The car waited until everything was taken care of and then died. No one was on the road and needed a tow. No one was stranded out of town and needed a tow. Everyone was home and safe.
I have always said that if my car has to die I would prefer to be at home when it does. My friend agrees.

We were grateful and praised God for giving her this gift. Yes, a gift of a broken car. I know strange but it is broken at HOME. We were thankful. We counted her blessings because of all the things she had been busy doing just days before it gave up the ghost. She had driven over 400 miles in the week before and it waited til she was at home to give it up.

Yes counting your blessing can sound strange when something bad has happened, but there is always the bright side. A broken car at home is much, much better than somewhere on the highway.

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  1. Trudy,

    I agree! I once had my front right axle break. I was in a Walmart parking lot driving down the lane when all of a sudden the front right side of my car fell completely to the ground. Luckily I was driving about 5 miles per hour. It was easy for folks to get around me and I calmly called my husband and tow truck.

    Moments before I had been speeding 70 miles an hour down the Capital Beltway around Washington DC - one of the WORST freeways in America! If this had happened on the freeway, there is a strong possibility that many would have been hurt or worse.

    I KNEW in that parking lot that the breaking of my car was a BLESSING! I was so thankful my children and I were safe.

    So, I get what you're saying. God is always good!

    I was going to say your friend should be "Valerie the Volvo Driver," but since the car died, who knows. :) Maybe she could just be BFF.

  2. Trudy,

    So nice to hear from you on my blog. Thank you for reading my series.

    Oh yes, God was so good to your friend. I think she should be Vivian.

    It kind of reminds me of viva! like exiciting life and volvo her car.

    Hope she finds a name to suit her:)

  3. Wow, your friend was blessed! My daughter is currently driving my former mini van--with about 200,000 miles on it. The other day we were off in it, and it was sputtering and skipping terribly. I was so grateful to make it home safely. A trip to the shop later disclosed that the poor thing was only running on 3 of it's 6 spark plugs. Hopefully, it will continue to get Brandy where she needs to go...there is no new car in her immediate future. Thanks for being my blogging buddy! Kathy

  4. Funny that Janna's name suggestions all start with "V" because I was thinking "Vicky" or "Vera" or "Vi". Those are just very practical-sounding names for someone so...well, practical.

    I liked this post. Truly a blessing to have the car die at home after logging so many miles and possible very-bad scenarios for a car to breathe its last.