Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter memories - April 2, 2010

I looked all over the house this week for pictures from my childhood. They are pictures taken at Easter of my brother and I. We were in our Easter finery.
My mom always had us dressed to the nines for Easter. There was the required hat and gloves for me and the patten leather shoes. My brother always had a tie.

I can see those darn pictures. I knew right where they were. Do you hate it when you know where something is, go to look for it and it isn't there? Where do you look then? I looked in every drawer in the house, even my kitchen utensil drawer. I can't find the pictures. However, I don't have a working scanner so maybe it is a good thing I can't share them. I will probably find them on Monday when Easter is over.

We had a buffet in our dining room. It's top was always decorated for Easter. My mom made a centerpiece. The centerpiece consisted of colored eggs, jelly beans sprinkled about, and little other Easter candies. No Peeps in our house, not now and not then.

My mom did all of the egg coloring herself when we were still expecting the Bunny to make the delivery. We had the same basket every year. She filled each basket with the grass and the eggs, and the candies, and then she would hide them. I loved Easter almost as much as Christmas.

My mom made the holiday special with all of the childish fun things about the holiday, but she never let us forget the real reason for the Sunday we call Easter.

I think tomorrow I will write about how we celebrated the real reason for this day.
I also have a memory or two from my son's childhood to share.
Come back please to read all about it.

If you can't make it back, I hope you have an especially wonderful day.

Thanks for coming by,

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