Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunday Stealing April 12, 2010

Sunday Stealing
April 12, 2010

Yeah I know this is Monday but I didn't do it on Sunday. I will try and pretend that this is still Sunday.

Sunday Stealing!

Sunday Stealing: The Me Me Meme

1. Never in my life have I been:
On a roller coaster that I didn't hate. Even the kid size one they ahd to stop and let me off.
2. The one person who can drive me nuts is:
My husband. Easy.
3. High school was:
Spent in a stupor.
4. When I’m nervous I:
Smoke more. Sad but true.
5. The last song I listened to was:
Heartlight by Neal Diamond. Written for ET. It makes me tear up every time I hear it.
6. If I were to get married right now my best man/maid of honor:
Would be the same as 20 years ago.
7. My hair is:
8. When I was 5:
I was in first grade.
9. Last Christmas:
Was the best.
10. I should be..:
Somewhere else
11. When I look down I see:
The slippers on my feet or a cat.
12. The happiest recent event was:
The day spent with my son.
13. If I were a character on 'Friends' I would be:
A little bit of Phoebe and a little bit of Monica. I am kind of a clean freak and I mostly dress like an old hippy. Complete with Birkenstocks and denim.
14. By this time next year:
I will more gray than this year.
15. My current gripe is:
People who don't believe we need universal health care in this country.
16. I have a hard time understanding:
People who don't think we need universal health care in this country.
17. There’s this girl I know that:
That should grow up and be 28 not act like 12. I would like to tell her a woman not a girl.
18. If I won an award, the first person I would tell would be:
My best friend
19. Take my advice:
Never start smoking.
20. The thing I want to buy:
A new computer, an Ipod, a Bunn coffee maker.
21. If you visited the place I was born:
You would think you were in a small town, but it is in the city.
22. I plan to visit:
Maine someday.
23. If you spent the night at my house:
A cat would sleep with you.
24. I’d stop my wedding if:
If I knew then what I know now.
25. The world could do without:
The 2nd amendment.
26. I’d rather lick the belly of a cockroach than:
I CAN NOT think of anything.
27. Most recent thing I’ve bought myself:
A pack of gum
28. Most recent thing someone else bought me:
A Caribou coffee.
29. My favorite blonde is:
My best friend.
30. My favorite brunette is:
My son.
31. My favorite red head is:
not the doctor I saw today.
32. My middle name is:
Ann with an E...Anne just like Anne Shirley
33. In the morning I:
need coffee.
34. The animals I would like to see flying besides birds are:
Cats and dogs. They have been blamed for rain they might as well get to experience it.
35. Once, at a bar:
I fell , got knocked off a bar stool.
36. Last night I was:
too tired to sleep
37. There’s this guy I know who:
I can't get out of my mind.
38. If I was an animal I’d be:
A cat because I would be loved and waited on but would still be independent.
39. A better name for me would be:
Kathryn because it is my favorite woman's name.
40. Tomorrow I am:
Going to the doctor (Monday) to find out what is wrong with my arms.
41. Tonight I am:
very cold. I have a cover on me while I type this.
42. My birthday is:
in October.

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  1. Wow, 42 questions...that took a lot of thought...interesting always intrigue me. I think you are feeling bummed... ((hugs)) Kathy