Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Memories with my Son

April 4, 2010

Living in Minnesota like I do, we might still have snow on the ground come Easter. A snowy backyard does not make an ideal place to hide the eggs. But, we managed to hide them nevertheless.

Easters that were cold and dreary we hid the eggs all over the house. My brother, his wife, and 2 step children always came for the weekend. We adults would have more fun being creative in our hiding places, especially as the kids got older. They thought they knew all of our places. Little did they know how our minds could function when forced.

We hid eggs under the couch, way under. We hid eggs under the stereo turntable cover. We hid an egg wrapped in a plastic bag in the back of the toilet. Nothing in the house was off limits to hiding eggs. The kids loved it, but so did the adults.

Years when we could hide eggs outside we used the plastic eggs. Each child had the same number of eggs. Each egg had their initials on it. So lets say WV found an egg that said SW he knew to leave it where he found it. They each were able to find them all eventually with no one feeling badly.

One year the kids decided to hide the eggs for us to find. I hate to admit it, but they did a much better job than we ever did. Of course we were outside that year and they made use of almost the whole 10 acres. The little sneaks.

The last Easter my mom was with us is especially memorable, because the kids tried to get out of trouble by blaming Gramma.
It was a cold Easter and we were in the house all day. Even though it was cold, it had been melting. Our side yard was one great big huge mud puddle. However, the front yard had dried up nicely.
After dinner the kids finally got to my mom, and she told them to go outside and play. They dressed warmly and away they went. We played cards. After about 45 minutes the door burst open, and the kids came pushing in. Fortunately, they were spotted before they ran across my carpet. They were head to toe MUD.
They didn’t just go out and play, they went out and played in the mud. We demanded and explanation as to why they thought playing in the mud was such a good idea. Their reason was simple, “Because Gramma told us to. “ I know that my mom loved to play practical jokes, but I also know she would never ever tell them to play in the mud. She categorically denied telling them that. I believed her as did the other 3 parents.
The kids looked funny and it was hard to keep a straight face but what they had done was just plain wrong. We decided that the most fitting “punishment” for this particular crime was for them to wash their own clothes, and pay for the coin operated machines out of their Easter money.
Oh yes there was grumbling to be heard. That happened in 1991.

The kids are now adults. My bother has divorced his them wife. Easter is just not the same. We enjoy our memories and today my husband and I reminisced about the escapades of Easters past.

I hope you all had an especially wonderful and blessed Easter and that it was mud free.

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