Friday, April 9, 2010

Things I have learned...and others I have not

I have learned that when baking cookies there is no substitute for ...

Do Not even try to make a batch without this very necessary ingredient. Learn please form my experience this week. Cookies without soda are not cookies at all. They aren't pretty.

Another I have learned is that since I have decided to post more about my day-to-day life, but was afraid I would have nothing to say, I have consciously thinking about possible posts in each thing I do. In everything I do around the house, outside, on the computer is swimming around in my mind trying to become a blog post.

One thing I don't know is should I answer the comments to my posts individually or in bulk? Should I answer when they come to my e-mail with an e-mail address in the form of a reply e-mail or should I go to my post to answer? Do you like to have a response to your comments? Any suggestions welcome.

One more thing I don't know is how often to change the look of my blog? Now that I have a go to place for blog looks I am anxious to change it up again. But can it be done too often? And is it possible to change the font type and color?

And yet another thing I don't know is how to put a badge(?) for the blogs I faithfully follow onto my blog. Is there a secret club for people to know about these things and it is a limited membership? And I am not too sure how to link back to a post.

OK I am almost finished. How do you do a crossed out something. Like when if I were to say, "I am really good at this blog stuff." and wanted to cross out good and put in inexperienced. How do you do a cross out?

Is there a way to remember all of the things you do each day within the blog world? Which days are different meme days?

What is an RSS feed? And do I need one? Do I need to subscribe to one?

The don't know list is much longer than the do know list. But, if you have patience with me I might be able to dwindle down the don't know side.

I do appreciate any and all help/comments.

Thanks for stopping by,

I tried to get fancy with this and only bold the first word of each paragraph and this is what happened. I guess I am not ready for the really hared stuff yet.


  1. If you do blogger, and I think you do, you can cross out by using the tools at the top of the compose page. Highlight the words you want to cross out and then click on the cross out tool. There is another way, but that is the easiest. Change the design as often as you like and answer comments the way that you want to, that is the way I do it. Often I am too busy to do more than read the comments, let alone answer them, but I do read them all.

  2. Hey! Well aren't you just getting "bloggy"! I'm glad that you are "coming out of your shell" so to speak LOL...I'm afraid I'm not much help with the technical stuff...I have a technical savy son that helps me...he made my buttons and put the ones on my blog that I am that he's in love, he's not so willing to help :) Where do you get your blog designs? So cute! I just use premade templates, because it's all I know how to do. I just change my look when the notion strikes me. Each template puts my stuff in different places, but it's okay. I was always one to like to rearrange the furniture!
    I think the most important thing about a blog is content. All the cute stuff and gadgets don't mean much if the content isn't there.
    The fact that you are now thinking about blogging while doing things is the sign of great things to come...but I loved the old way you blogged, too. Hey, I'm so bad, I take a camera everywhere--outside, in my purse, etc. There are blog stories everywhere...
    Thanks for sharing on my blog today. ((hugs)) Kathy

  3. I'm not too familiar with blogger, but I can answer your questions about comments.

    I will usually go to a person's blog and answer/reply to their comment in my blog. Again, not sure how blogger works, but when people reply to my comments on their blog, I have no idea unless I subscribe to the comments posted, but I usually don't do that because I already get too much email and I will be getting emails with everyone else's comments too. We don't get too many comments on our blog so I try to reply to every one.

    I don't think there's a need for an RSS feed thing if you're on blogger. Followers is pretty much the same, and I can subscribe to you through the "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)" at the bottom of your blog.

    Hope that helps a little.