Monday, January 11, 2010

The Simple Woman's Dayboook - January 11, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook
January 11, 2010

For Today:

Outside my window
... Beautiful sunshine. Blue skies. Cold wind but that's OK because the temperature is warming for our January thaw that we get in Minnesota.

I am thinking
... how nice yesterday was. We had Christmas with son and family. It was such a good day. Warmed my heart.

I am thankful for...nature. Specifically the woods I live in. See picture below.

I am sweater, black sweats, pink socks, and slippers.

I am remembering nicely the 2 children got along yesterday. Not at all like my brother and me when we were their ages.

I am going
...with a friend on Wednesday to hit the thrift stores along a 50 mile line, and stop for lunch. Grocery shopping on Thursday, after we make up menu meals for the coming month.

I am currently reading
...Nancy Drew Mystery of the Hidden Staircase. This is #2 in the series. I am going to re-read the entire series again this year.

I am hoping... I can get motivated to start an exercise program and to change my eating habits.

On my mind
...long distance friends that I owe letters to. I am terribly behind in my correspondence.

Noticing that is staying light outside later in the day. It is not totally dark at 5:00 PM, almost but not totally. This is a good thing.

Pondering these words
... I am drawing a blank. I guess none have made an impression on me today. This is NOT a good thing.

From the kitchen
... leftovers from yesterday. Ham, potato salad, rolls, Swedish rice, green salad. Later in the week bean soup from the ham bone.

Around the house
...a lot of work to do. Now that Christmas is officially over it is time to put away all thing Christmas. I love to put everything out but dread putting it away. Would anyone think I was strange if I left it all out til next year?

One of my favorite things
...doing embroidery on a pretty spring tablecloth on a winter afternoon.

From my picture journal...


  1. That looks so cold. We have a warming trend going on now too. It is supposed to get to almost 50 here today. Whoo Hoo t-shirt weather. Well maybe not.

  2. I like when it starts to stay light longer. I am odd. Summer is too light, winter is too dark. I guess I prefer spring.

    I like the picture. I would love sitting inside looking out at those woods. :-)