Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday's Fave Five - January 8, 2010

Friday's Fave Five
January 8, 2010

My week of 5 favorites.

1. A good chiropractor. I have the best chiropractor in the world. He puts me all back in order so I can stand up straight. He fixes my neck so I can hold it up. He gives me heck when it is obvious that I have been doing something that I have been warmed not to do. He is a good guy.

2. Screwball cats. One of the feral cats is just a joy to watch his antics. He loves to sit on top of the bird feeder and watch the birds on the ground. He reminds me of Snoopy pretending to be a vulture. He sat on the top yesterday in a blinding snow until his gray coat was totally white. Then and only then did he jump down. Even the birds had left by then.

3. Getting ready for Christmas this Sunday with my son and his family. I feel more relaxed this time than I did for the real Christmas. I don't know why that it is but I really am enjoying it. I don't feel panicked or overwhelmed. Maybe this means I will actually enjoy the day.

4. Starting a new embroidery project. I just got my new kits in the mail today. Right away I put aside the socks I was crocheting and started to embroider. I am making a spring tablecloth. It is sunny.

5. Good neighbors. I went to town yesterday and got all of my groceries for Sunday. All except the celery for the potato salad. You can't have potato salad without celery. I called my neighbor and she has celery for me. It saved me a trip to town (22 miles one way) just to buy celery.


  1. I heart my neighbors too! Having good neighbors is a real blessing, especially when you live so far away from the grocery store.

    Enjoy your time with your family. It doesn't matter WHEN you celebrate!

  2. OK, I knit socks... but never seen crocheted socks... you gotta post a picture!

    And 22 miles one way? Oh wow - I'd be upset if I forgot something on my list!

  3. Good neighbors are the best! I don't know how many times they have saved one of my recipes by supplying a missing ingredient and I'm always happy when I can do the same.

    A Christmas number 2! I can see how this one would be more relaxing. Enjoy it!

  4. Loved your fave five!

    So true, cats can be quite entertaining. I could just imagine the scene you described!

    I can't wait to see your new tablecloth. What a fun idea. It makes me want to run to the craft store, but I think I'd better finish one the the many crafts I have already started. Hope we can see it when it's done.

    Looking forward to your Sat. post!