Monday, December 14, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook - December 14, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook
December 14, 2009

For today:

Outside my window
...very, very cold today. High at 8 degrees. Blue sky of course with that kind of cold.

I am thinking grateful I am that my car works again. That the mouse house is gone and I have heat.

I am thankful
...OK maybe this is part of the last one but different. I am thankful for honest mechanics who don't take advantage of a woman. And feel bad when it costs more than they had at first thought.

I am wearing
...lavender jammmies with pink flowers (flannel of course), warm cozy socks and slippers.

I am remembering the kitty from outside was tonight as we tired to bring groceries into the house. He was underfoot all the time. He rolled over on his back and pawed the air. Then he chased his tail. The he climbed into the car. The silly guy.

I am bed very soon but tomorrow to the pharmacy, to get a B-12 shot, picking up something my aunt needs, grocery shopping (again), and to the chiropractor.

I am currently reading
...a magazine I just picked up today. I think it is called Victorian. Or something like that. It is great fun anyway.

I am hoping
...for good weather next week for all of the holiday travelers.

On my mind
...all of the things I have yet to do. I have too many lists so maybe it is time to condense them down to one workable list. Yeah right.

Noticing that...the longer I sit at the computer the tireder I get. Tireder? Is that even a word? See I am tirede.

I am pondering these words
...Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold everything is softer and more beautiful. Norman Vincent Peale

From the kitchen
...DH made spaghetti for dinner tonight. For tomorrow

Around the house...Are still many bags filled with things from the store today that are waiting to be put away...tomorrow

One of my favorite things
...Right now is sitting back with satisfaction and looking at the Christmas decorations that are up. They are all so pretty.

From my photo journal new camera came today, but I didn't even open the box. I am too tired to read directions and instructions. But I will be posting Decorations later this week.

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  1. There sure is a lot to think about and be thankful for this time of year. I'm looking forward to seeing your decorations and the pictures from your new camera.