Tuesday, December 1, 2009

ABC Wednesday round 5 - T is for...

ABC Wednesday Round 5
T is for...
December 1, 2009

At this time of year of course T is for tinsel. There are 2 schools of thought for tinsel. One school says yes to tinsel every year, every tree. The other school says no to tinsel every year, every tree. It can be a problem if a household has both schools of thought.

Personally, I think tinsel only belongs on a real tree. It is too hard to remove from a fake tree. I do not like colored tinsel. If tinsel is going to be used it should be the old fashioned silver kind. No colored tinsel for me.

If a garland is going to be used instead of tinsel then any color goes. Except maybe purple and day-glo pink. Those just don't seem very Christmassy. Garland can be used on either a real or a fake tree. It's removal is easy.

If a household does have both schools living there then the only alternative, short of having a major blow out or two main trees, is to alternate years. Share the experience of tinsel and garland. Maybe the other school will become a convert. It could happen.

But whatever school of thought you are from just remember one thing...tinsel should be place on the tree one strand at a time. No clumps! And a garland should be wound from the top down. Or did I just start another debate on each of these issues?


  1. How great is this : ) I have always loved tinsel but I know a lot of people hate it! I think my Mom hated it because it clogged the vacume up : )

  2. personally I am not fond of tinsel or Christmas trees be they fake of chopped down. I give my thanks to the birth of Christ with a small live pine tree. When the season is over, I take the tree to the forest and plant it. I say a small prayer. "Thank you God for being there for me. Here is a small favor in return." Amen.
    Not much but it makes me feel good. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

  3. I love tinsel! Unfortunately so do my cats and I find them eating it all the time. So, I've had to say no to tinsel. I agree with you though on the colour: silver is the only one. But then again, I prefer a silvery tree anyway: silver or glass balls, silver garlands and silver tinsel.

  4. Did tinsel as a child, liked it well enough. But the wife seems disinclined, and I don't miss it.

  5. I haven't had a tree with tinsel for a long time but can sure remember the mini skirmishes over clumping or single stranding!

  6. I love tinsel on someone else's tree! It is a lot like dogs - I love to look at someone else's dogs and someone else's tinsel;)

  7. Oh, this is interesting! You see, over here in England, when we say 'tinsel', we mean a long wire strand wrapped with tufts of silver foil so that it looks 'furry'. The single lengths of silver strands that we drape over the branches of a tree, we call 'lametta'!

    I love both kinds, but the first kind of tinsel mustn't be too thick and furry, or I don't like it. I also agree that silver (or maybe gold) is the best colour for both tinsel and lametta.