Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ten on the 10th

My first time doing 10 on the 10th.
Just a list. Maybe good, maybe bad.
I think for the first time I will try to devote my list to 10 good things, so people don't get the wrong idea about me.

1. It is very good to get away for a few day.
I just spent 4 days with my 88 year old aunt and a dear cousin. We had such a grand time. I am always happy when I can get away to spend time with my aunt. I know her time here is becoming limited and I treasure all that I can spend with her.

2. While visiting it is important to remember to help out whenever possible.
My aunt always refuses my help in preparing meals or cleaning up after them. But she is ever so grateful when I insist and help anyway. It feels good.

3. Thrift stores in different towns than your own are a great adventure.
It seems like the thrift stores offer way more than mine ever does, which I am sure is not accurate. It is just that everything is new and different.

4. When visiting an elderly relative remember to have them take a nap.
My aunt would just go and go and go. But she needs to have an afternoon nap for about 20 minutes or she doesn't sleep at night. It is hard to remember to remind her so I did what came naturally to me. I wrote a note to myself as a reminder and then I set a timer.

5. When driving through a strange parking lot, remember to look ALL ways more than once. And when you think it is clear, look again.
I almost hit someone yesterday because I forgot to look, even once. I was too busy talking to Aunty about lunch. This is not a good thing. But I did find out that I have very good brakes.

6. When driving around a beautiful lake, remember to look occasionally at the road. Drivers in the other lane appreciate it.
I have to drive around the most beautiful lake that I have ever seen. I always get immersed in it's beauty and drift over the middle line. It is not unusual for me to hear the blare of a car horn. I have always been very lucky this way. It happened again today. I am thankful to God for giving me such beauty to see. I just need to learn to watch the road and admire the beauty.

7. After being away for a few days my husband appreciates my return.
He gets excited when he knows I am getting close to home. I call him when I leave my aunt's and then when I am 20 miles away from home. He puts the tea kettle on and keeps the water hot until I am in the driveway. He understands that I have to go, but hates to see me leave. I tell him that my leaving makes my return that much sweeter.

8. Tomorrow (Wednesday 11/11/09) starts heavy duty cleaning for Christmas.
I can not decorate my house for the holidays until it is spotless. I can't clean while the house is decorated so it MUST be clean before the decorations go up.

9. Just the two of us for Thanksgiving is a lonely feeling.
It is my husband and I for dinner. My son's GF is returning to work that day after surgery. He didn't think she would feel like coming for dinner after work. I agree. That would be too much. But the selfish part of me would like a houseful of company.

10. This was a hard list to make.
I am glad I made it to 10, except this one is like cheating. But it was harder than I thought it would be. Wheew.


  1. So glad you joined in! Sometimes 10 things is easy, sometimes it's hard.

    Gotta tell you that #6 made me laugh out loud.

    And I totally relate to #8. I have a four day weekend and am going to try to get my cleaning groove on.

  2. Thanks for the cleaning inspiration. My house is a mess. Sorry about your lonely Thanksgiving. Maybe you and your hubby can do something unusual or just "date-like".

    My "Grum" is 83, and I love her to bits. But she does give out after a bit, too, despite all her protests to the contrary.