Monday, November 2, 2009

The Simple Woman's Dayboook - 11/02/09

The Simple Woman's Daybook 11/02/09

Outside my window: It is night now. However, today outside my window it was lovely. The skies were blue, there was a light wind, and the squirrels were busy building their winter homes. It was so fun to watch them go up the tree and a few minutes later go back down. Only to repeat the process again, and again.

I am thinking: that have light in the morning is not a fair trade off for it getting dark earlier at night. I like to have light all the time. At least until bedtime. I think day light savings time should be a year round thing.

I am thankful for: good friends. I had lunch with an old friend today. I haven't laughed so much in a very long time. It felt really good.

I am wearing: pale purple pajamas with pink cats. And toasty warm slippers.

I am remembering: Or trying to remember the things I have to finish getting ready for the winter. Covering the A/C, adding anti freeze to my radiator, changing the oil in the car, buying sand for the front stoop, etc.

I am going: to visit my aunt and cousin this weekend. She is 88 and I try and get to see her as often as possible. It will be a fun weekend.

I am reading: "A True Compass" Ted Kennedy (still am, it's a big book) and Roamans

I am hoping: To finish my Christmas shopping very soon. I am half way there. But I keep thinking of things that I may have forgotten.

On my mind: is my brother who started a new job last Friday. As an over the road semi truck driver. It has always been my job to worry about him. And even though he is 47, I still do.

I am creating: a stocking cap for my cousin, and an embroidered flour sack towel set for a Christmas gift.

From the kitchen: I am think tacos for dinner tomorrow. But I don't know if i have enough burger, might have to add some ground turkey to it. I am making pumpernickel bread to take with this weekend, and some whole wheat.

Around the house: Lots of laundry left to do. I didn't get it finished over the weekend. Two people just shouldn't make so many dirty things.

From my picture Journal. One of my cats. Her official name is Ozzy. She comes when called Baby.

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  1. What a pretty kitty! She looks so sweet!
    Isn't it nice to get together with old friends? It is so much fun to remember old times, and just laugh and laugh! :)