Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Carry on Tuesday November 4, 2009

Carry on Tuesday
November 4, 2009

In the arms of an angel

The story of a man named Pete.

Pete came here from Switzerland just after WWII. He farmed the land. He married. He had a large family. He had many grandchildren and even some great grandchildren.

Pete did volunteer work for the county that he lived in. It started out as a part time thing after he gave up farming. He was driving his wife crazy. He was probably bored. His job was to go to the home of a shut in and visit. Just talk. About anything. He was good at his job. His "clients" really enjoyed their time with him. I know because my uncle was one of them.

Pete also served the residents in his local area by being a volunteer driver. If someone need to go somewhere but could not drive Pete would do it. It might be a doctor's appointment or grocery shopping. Once he even drove 150 mile round trip to take someone to the airport.

In July Pete's granddaughter got married. Pete went out the day before, supposedly for a quiet drive alone. He has never been seen or heard from since. His car was found. It was stuck in the mud on a low maintenance road. Searchers were out in the hundreds. The Army National Guard helped for a few days. There were helicopters. There were people on horseback and people with their dogs.

Pete has never never found. The hope now is that with hunters taking to the woods some sign of Pete will be found.

The people whose lives Pete touched miss him. Not for what he could do for them but for the way he enriched their lives. His family misses him. It is especially hard for them to go forward without knowing what has happened.
I fear that Pete is in the arms of an angel.

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