Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday's Fave Five November 27, 2009

Friday's Fave Five
November 27, 2009

1. A freshly made bed. I love getting into the bed at might when I have just changed the sheets that day. Something about them being all crisp and in perfect place is really very satisfying to me.

2. Warm socks right out of the dryer. I like to put on socks as I fold them. I only do this in the winter. When the socks are still warm they make my whole body be warm.

3. Good books from the used book store. I think sometimes that I keep the used book store in business. On the way to the bookstore to turn in books for trade credit, I think to my self that I will not buy any that day. I have yet to live up to that vow. I always come home with more than I brought in.

4. Getting ready to decorate the house for Christmas. I get giddy just from the anticipation of this activity.

5. My cats when they sleep on me at night. One sleeps on my hip and the other sleeps on my feet. I don't have to ad extra blankets because of them or turn up the heat at night.


  1. I agree, I have two cats that love to sleep on the bed too. One, Speed his name is sleeps on my arm, and the kitten at times on my hip as well.
    Love made beds too. I have to make it if it is not made when I am ready to go to bed. Can't get into an unmade bed, it just does not seem right!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I like soft sheets, those really soft cotton ones; but when the cold weather hits; hubby likes flannel. Those are never crisp. lol

    The hats I make are super easy, and really no definite pattern. I use round needles, love that as I can knit straight and not have to pearl which to me goes much much faster. I cast on 55-62. I switch the number around in order to have a variety of sizes for newborns. They make that nice curl on the edge so you don't have to edge them. When they measure about 5 to 5.5 inches, knit a row of knit 2 together to decrease. Then gather on darning needles, pull tight; tie off. I crochet a long chain and tie a couple of bows for the little top decoration. I do donate them to lots of different places, not usually my local hospital. Two charities I like are Marine Corp Kids and Lil Troopers. Babies born while daddy's deployed at military hospitals are given these as thank you gifts.

    If you scroll back I've blogged about it, and the links are in my side bar.

    I'll check for the link for the booties.


  3. Warm clean sheets, comfy socks, good used books, sweet kitties! All faves in my universe too!

    Have a great weekend.

  4. All these things are my favs as well. Love the freshly made bed and love the cats. Such comforting things.

  5. I love cool, crisp, fresh sheets! Hmmm, think I'll change my sheets today! LOL.

    Our dog hogs the bed and he's just a small one. But the nights he sleeps under the bed I really miss him.

  6. Those would be some of my favorite things as well -- though none of them happened this week and we don't have cats due to one son's allergies. Thanks for stopping by!