Monday, November 16, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook November 16, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook
November 16, 2009

Outside my window:

Earlier today I heard shots off out in the distance. Hopefully, that means that dear hunters are successful in their endeavors.

I am thinking:
That I don't like it when my house becomes as messy as it is right now. It overwhelms me.

I am thankful for:
My husband who helped me change out summer for winter clothes today.

I am wearing:
Not very color coordinated today. Green pants, orange sweat shirt, brown slippers. I put on the first thing I grabbed this morning.

I am remembering:
My brother just became an over the road truck driver. He called today to tell me that he just drove through the town our dad lived. I have been flooded with memories of my dad. I only got to know him in the last 2 years of his life. But I am ever so grateful for having had that.

I am going:
To see a pharmacist this week to talk about my prescriptions. Maybe there are some changes that can be made. My doctor thought this was a good idea. This next Saturday I am going to a craft fair. Or maybe two or three.

I am reading:
I am still reading Ted Kennedy's memoir, "True Compass". It is not a book that can be read in one sitting. I also have books in the bedroom that I read at night time.

I am hoping:
To have the no sew pillow finished soon. I will never make one again. It just confuses me. But I WILL finish this one. I also hope to have my other Christmas gift projects finished before Thanksgiving. No wonder my house is a mess.

On my mind:
I got a call this evening from AARP. They were doing a town hall meeting over the phone. It was my chance to ask questions about the health care reform. I have not felt well most of the day and declined. I wish now I had just stayed on the phone and listened. We need this reform so very badly but I am worried about what it is going to cost us. My husband and I can not afford not even one more payment. I actually believe that it should be free of charge. I am so tired of insurance companies having more say in my health care than my doctor. I know that I have an opinion shared by the minority but it is mine. My eye doctor agrees with me. He belongs to a group of health care professionals who also agree that it should be a national health care. I can't shake the feeling that the Republicans are going to screw this up for everyone just so they can make a black mark on President Obama's record.

What I am learning:
I changed From the learning room to this. I am learning how to follow a crochet pattern but to change it so it works for me. It is challenging to make a winter cap for an adult with a small head.

I am noticing that:
I just noticed that I don't like getting IM's while I am trying to post in the blog.

I am pondering these words:
From Hebrews 13 (sort of) Do not forget to show kindness to strangers because they may be angels from above.

From the kitchen:
Soaking lentils for soup tomorrow night. Will have soup and corn bread for dinner. Also, I am making a cookie and treat list for Christmas.

One of my favorite things:
Is listening to my husband play with the cats. He is a large man but becomes cat size when he rough houses with them. He is just an old softy. He call them "the kids".

I will do more from my picture journal when I get a new camera.

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  1. Enjoyed your daybook!! I need to make up our Christmas cookie list, too. Hope you have a great weekend ahead.