Saturday, February 13, 2010

Six Word Saturday - February 13, 2010

Six Word Saturday
February 13, 2010

No trip to city. Car broke.

Yep. I was supposed to go to the city to watch the Olympics but the car broke. Or maybe my husband sabotaged it. I don't know. He was putting in a new battery and something shorted out. I have no lights (serious), locks (very Serious), radio (minor), and no horn. The radio and horn I could go without but not lights or locks. So there are no Olympics in my future, but a trip to the dealership is.


  1. Awww...I'm sorry that happened. That sounds like some of my luck. Too bad about missing the Olympics...that's a lot more fun than a trip to the car dealership! Blessings, Kathy

  2. Well, that just stinks! Sorry that happened to you!

  3. What a bummer - maybe you can get it fixed in time to still catch some festivities?

    Thanks for playing 6wS.