Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Random Dozen - April 5, 2010

Random Dozen
April 5, 2010

1. What was the last thing about which you procrastinated?

I usually have company come in May so my Spring cleaning has never been an issue. I just have always gotten it finished early. However, the is year my company is not coming until July. I have not even started with Spring cleaning. And I am regretting it.
2. How long does it take you to fall asleep, and do you sleep through the night?
I usually fall asleep reading and wake up for a second when my husband turns out his light.
3. Which decade would you choose to exemplify your favorite fashion styles?
I still like the comfy style of the 70's. All except for the mini skirt and hot legs are not what they used to be. But I won't give up my Birkenstocks.
4. What is your personal best dish to feed a crowd?
Hands down it would be my chili served with popovers or corn bread. Cheese, onions, and sour cream on the side.
5. Are you an impulse shopper? What was the last thing you bought on impulse?

Oh my yes. I am a sucker for check out aisle cookbooks.
6. What is one wish you have for your own funeral?
For Josh Groban to sing. And no flowers. I figure that if people want me to have flowers they should give them to me when I am alive and can enjoy them. I don't want them when I am dead. My family has instructions to return any flowers that are sent.
7. If it's true that joy is in found in the simple things in life, what does your joy look like today?

8. What is your favorite type of bread?

I love Ezekiel raisin bread, but only rarely because it is so expensive. Otherwise Whole Wheat is fine with me.
9. What trait do you fear developing the most? (Laziness, greediness, grumpiness, etc.)

My husband is angry all the time. It is part of his illness. I am so afraid that it will start to rub off on me. I don't want to be angry all the time at the world.
10. What trait would you like most to develop?
Thriftiness. I spend way too much money on needless things. I try hard not too but I end up doing it anyway.
11. Which room in your house best reflects your personality? Why?
I wish I had a picture. We redid my son's room after he moved out. We painted it a very light yellow with white trim. I have a white storage cupboard in there, my Grandma's rocker, a bed, and bookshelves. There are blue and white accent pieces. A yellow and white quilt is on the bed. Right after we finished I commented that it looked like a cottage room. I love the freshness of this room. It is crisp and warm and inviting. I like to think I am inviting and warm. And I know I can be crisp at times.
12. How do you maintain balance in your life regarding, work, family, church, other organizations
and activities, and blogging?

I am the least busy woman you will ever meet. When making arrangements to meet someone for let's say lunch, I always let them name the date and time. I am always open. I have no commitments. So maintaining a balance is not a hard thing for me to do. I have no balance to maintain.


  1. Oh, I love the pic of the orange kitty. It reminds me of my "Peaches"...the one that my hound dog accidentally killed.
    In answer to your question about bodysuits in the 70's, no, I couldn't wear those--I have a long torso.LOL
    I love the way your guest room sounds! May we both have a restful night! Kathy

  2. I think your joy is very cute! :v)

    Your chili sounds wonderful.

  3. I love chilli and corn bread!
    Your kitty looks so cute!
    Mine is here
    Nice to meet you.
    Happy Wednesday!
    Wishing you an advance HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

  4. Just making the Coffee Girl Rounds this AM - Have a GREAT weekend!

    I've learned NOT to procrastinate - especially on the seemingly "major" tasks.

  5. Nice getting to know you more.