Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend Wordsmith

My first time trying this activity.
I looked at the picture and this is what I saw.

"If we follow this path, it will take us to the gardening shed."
This is what the realtor said to a prospective buyer of my home.
She didn't know, she couldn't have known.
This path is not just a trail to take a person to a gardening shed. Oh no it is so much more than that.
This is a magical path. It will allow the imagination to go or grow wild. It is true that it goes to the gardening shed but what is inside the shed is where the magic happens.
You can put your hands in soil so pure and so clean that the smell is overwhelmingly beautiful. It is the air fresh from a quiet afternoon rain shower.
The pots you will find in the shed date back to the early 1900's. They are terracotta. They are stunning for their age. Makes me wonder if I would look that good at that age. Probably not.
The light is dim in the shed. I did that purposely. I didn't want artificial light made by a light bulb. I wanted only the sunshine to show me what I was planting. Even on overcast days I can feel the warmth of the sun and know that it is guiding me.
As I spend my last precious moments here before the next looker comes, I am saddened. No one but me will ever know the wonderment of this shed. They will never experience the thrill of the plant as it opens. Or the sadness when it fails to open.
Maybe I should write the next owners a short message telling them about the thrilling times they will experience in the potting shed.


  1. I sold the house I had designed so I could go back to school. (I couldn't take care of homes in two cities and couldn't afford that, anyway.) The first couple to look at the house bought it (did the realtor price it too low?), and the woman was moved because I was in tears at giving it up when they drove up. She later told me she had found "my place" -- a place where bedrock was uncovered in the bend of a mountain stream that flowed through my back yard there. The spot seemed powerful, and I felt energized by being there. So did she. Maybe the person who buys your shed will also discover the magical moments and wonderment; maybe s/he will experience the thrill of the opening plant. Yes, please do leave a message about your experiences in the potting shed.

    I'm glad you have joined the writers at Weekend Wordsmith. When I came to your blog to read what you submitted, I read about your husband's agoraphobia (my daughter-in-law had it, so I can emphathize with you). When you leave a link for Rich or me at Weekend Wordsmith, you need to get the one for the actual post that relates to the photo or the word given as a prompt, like this:

    The way to get this is by clicking on the TITLE (you called this one "Weekend Wordsmith," though you could have called it "The Path to the Potting Shed" or whatever). By leaving an exact link, your reader won't have to read through your whole blog to find which one you intended for that week. (I do hope you'll continue to share your writing with us.) Does this help?

  2. a wonderful piece of writing. its nice to hear from someone who recognizes the magic in what others (poor souls) might consider mundane.

  3. Now I'm dreaming of a potting shed (and of course, a path as well).

    Lovely piece.