Sunday, May 10, 2009


There are different types of healing.

A person may need to heal from a physical pain. From surgery maybe, from illness, from an injury, from abuse. The physical healing often can't be seen by anyone but the person doing the healing. But that person knows that they are healing.

Physical healing can be complete.

A person may need to heal from mental pain. Mental pain may be from overwork, from stress, from too little sleep, from a poor diet. It may also be from abuse.

Mental pain while being difficult to overcome can be defeated and healed. We just have to be stronger and braver. Not an easy task but it can be done.

A person may be suffering from emotional pain. Emotional pain may be caused from any physical pain, or from any mental pain. The worst type of emotional pain is from abuse.

Emotional pain can be healed. It must be healed.

A person injured emotionally and in pain is only half of what they could be. The person in the depths of their pain won't know where to turn for healing.

Healing from emotional pain often takes hard work and help from a professional. The work will make the pain become worse before it gets better. The pain may also feel like it is unbearable, that there is no way to come through it. But if the person perseveres, they will feel the warmth of daylight.

Often a person injured emotionally will also be angry.

This person while healing has to overcome the anger they feel. Without putting the anger away, this person can never truly be healed. This person will never be whole. Or truly happy.

After anger is bitterness. If a person is biter, the bitterness takes over the life. The heart becomes hard.

A hardened heart can not feel.

A hardened heart can not be happy.

A hardened heart can not be healed.