Monday, August 24, 2009

Sunday Scribblings #177 - Adult

This week Sunday Scribblings' topic is Adult.

What are your thoughts on adulthood? What do you want to be when you grow up? Are you scared of being an adult? Have you been forced to be the adult in a relationship? Do you have an adult child who won't grow up? Are you glad to finally be an adult? What do you think?

A Comparison and Contrast


Light household chores may be required
An allowance might be given weekly, even if no chores a done.
Get to ask, "What's to eat (breakfast, lunch, dinner, tomorrow's meal)?"
Get to ask, "Where are my clothes?"
Get to play and have fun June through August.
Get to act squirrelly without strange looks.
Have a chauffeur drive you everywhere.
Have a private duty nurse tend to your every need while ill.


All housework must be finished.
No pay for no work.
Must decide what is for breakfast, lunch, dinner, tomorrow's meals. And shop for the food. And pay for the food.
Must buy clothes. And wash the clothes. And mend the clothes. And put away the clothes.
Unless job is in education must work through summer months.
If caught acting squirrelly, a breathalyzer test may be given.
Must be the chauffeur. And buy the gas. And buy the car. And buy the insurance.
Must be private duty nurse even when ill yourself.

Which sounds like more fun to you?


  1. i'm going for a nice combination of the two.

  2. No one will ever stop me acting squirrelly! What a fabulous word.

  3. I think I like door number one LOL You forgot cook the food...
    The whole squirrelly part? I'm with Keith. Bring on the breathelizer! Love how you did this :)

  4. no 1, I vote for no 1. beam me up 2cats

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