Saturday, August 15, 2009

Six Word Saturday - 9/15/09

Little kittens have very sharp claws.

Yes they do, and my arms show the proof of this statement. They are covered with scratches and bloody marks.


  1. Big kitties have very sharp claws too - when I neglect to trim them. Just ask poor Joe... Rusty took a chunk out of him last night.

    Thanks for playing!

  2. ouch! sounds painful too!

    just stopped by from 6-word Saturday to check out the entries; hope you have a good Sunday :)


  3. Your six words reminded me of a kitten I had years ago that used to literally climb me to sit on my shoulder. It was VERY painful at the time, but cute now that you reminded me.

  4. Now is the perfect time to get them used to nail trimming!

    My cat sits quietly as I do hers - unlike my old kitty, who used to growl and scream whilst wrapped in a thick towel. I learned my lesson the hard way - she was a massive 25lb cat with a plethora of attitude. I still bear the scars ;)

  5. It is so worth it...if I don't have a foster litter soon, I'm going to go to Cat Welfare. Maddie and Annabelle are ready for a kitten or cat!

  6. yikes! wear long sleeves!! :))