Sunday, April 5, 2009


Spring is coming to the woods I live in, there are signs everywhere.

If I look closely I can see just the beginnings of the ferns popping up. They are the first green to make it out for all the world to see. Next in the greening up process are the trillium. The beautiful white flowers carpet the woods. Their fragrance wafts in my open windows. About the time the trillium are through blooming the trees have started their greening up, the poppils first, followed by the basswood, then the maple and oak. By the middle of May the wild flowers will have started. I have forget-me-nots that grow everywhere. If I had a proper yard I would call them an intrusion but living in the woods they are a welcome addition.

The seasonal birds are making their way back to the woods. The first birds to make their way back are the junkos. The yard and driveway are blanketed with their gray and black little bodies. I expect to see the first hummingbirds shortly. I have their nectar in the fridge just waiting for their arrival. About the same time the hummingbirds come, the orioles will be here. The orioles don't stay the season and are here a very short time. I have oranges for them. The red-breasted gross beaks are here by the end of May. Sunflower seeds are all they need to make them sing a happy song. All year our feeders are full of birds but we get many more varieties in the summer months. Our constants are the chickadees, nuthatches, blue jays, and once in a while a cardinal will make it's way in.

I saw a chipmunk run across the road the other day. I just don't know how those tiny legs can allow him to travel so fast. Soon they will be in the yard under the bird feeders looking for an easy meal. We are softies and scatter seed on the ground just for them and the squirrels. Soon the sound of the squirrel families will be a loud and joyous noise. It is such fun to watch the families when they are teaching the little ones to climb and forage for food.
Last year we had a mommy bear and three cubs come into the yard starting the middle of May. About mid summer she only had two cubs. I don't know what happened to the third one. We fretted about that poor little thing lost and all alone. Mama will probably be back this year now that she has discovered us, it sometimes takes them a while to establish their turf. It will be exciting to see how many babies she has this year.
We see deer all year long as they walk through the woods. It is interesting to watch them change from their summer beauty to the winter gloom. Their color sort of represents my feeling of winter. I noticed just tonight that they are starting to show the beautiful rust they wear in summer. A couple of the doe look ready to deliver any day now. I can't wait to watch the fawns scamper about as mommy tries to eat and walk and be ever watchful.
Of course with all the wonders of the woods we do have the occasional pest. Namely the skunks and raccoons. The skunks usually only walk through. They have never actually sprayed our house or in the yard, and we are oh so every thankful. However, just walking through the yard they make their presence known into the next day.
The raccoons live by the theory that there is safety in numbers. We bring in the bird feeder each night because not only would they empty it of seed but they have been known to run off with it, if we catch them in the act. We have a small entryway on the front of our house, last summer one persistent raccoon kept breaking in during the night. He would come in and eat the bird seed right out of the bag. One particular time we caught him at his dastardly deed. He stared right at us as if to ask, "Whaaaat?" We moved the seed inside the house after that. He ruined our screen door trying to get in.

Yes, spring is coming to my woods. I look to it and celebrate the season. Spring is a time of rebirth and new beginnings. I am always hopeful in the spring. Anything seems possible.

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  1. I, too, celebrate spring! I don't have all the signs of it - just yesterday the final bit of snow melted from my yard (more is forecast this week) but the first day that provides blue sky, sun and a little warmth is just cause for celebration! Good post. I love your descriptions and the 'noticing' that you do.