Monday, September 7, 2009

Don't Know How - 9/07/09

I quit smoking last Tuesday, which was the 1st of September I believe. I am still trying to figure out how to be on the computer without a cigarette either hanging out of my mouth or in one of my hands. I got to be very good at typing while holding a cigarette.

My brain has shut down. I don't feel creative. I feel almost numb from wanting a cigarette. Especially when I am at the computer.

I hope this passes soon. I miss writing.


  1. Oh my! I know just where you are coming from! I quit smoking in 1996 and had a horrible time getting anything creative written. Keep plugging away. You will get through it!

    I found sunflower seeds helped a lot -- but try to get the low sodium ones or you'll be in need of hypertension meds!

  2. I quit Sept 4th 2007. I had the lack of concentration and could not link words together to make a sentence! It passes. I lived on the computer for the first few weeks, On Quitnet, the stop smoking website. It was a tremendous help to me. Drink lots of water and do deep breathing and if you like, chew lots of regular gum. Those are some of the things that helped me keep my quit. Good luck.

  3. Good for you! Been there and done that. It's been 5 years now. The Lord has set me free from so many things! (also used Smoke Away I think it was called)