Friday, September 18, 2009

Carry on Tuesday #18 9/16/09

Carry on Tuesday 9/16/09
The letter sat before him, unopened, propped against a coffee mug.

He had been sitting there for hours. "What is taking her so long?", he wondered. "I phoned at 2:00 aww Geez." "Why can't she drive faster?"

The letter sat before him, unopened, propped against a coffee mug.

He looked at it. He touched it. He lifted it to his nose and breathed in. He knocked it onto the table and sat it up against the mug again. He tried to see into the envelope.

Should he open it? It was addressed to him after all. No it would be best to wait for her.

The door slammed shut as a voice filled with anxiety said, " I'm here, I'm here. There was an accident on the freeway. The traffic crawled along." "Sorry, Sorry, Sorry."

"It's OK you're here now. Please come sit down."

Now the letter was between them, propped on a coffee mug.


He asked, "Should we open it?" "I suppose we better.", she replied.

"But what if", he started to ask. "No, we promised that we would take the committee at their word, and accept their word as final.", she said with finality.

They each grabbed a corner. The envelope that contained the letter, that would change their lives forever was opened.

The letter lay forgotten on the floor as they danced around the room. The magic could be heard in their voices. They understood that their lives would never be the same. Flushed with excitement they opened a bottle of champagne.

"Read it out loud to me.", she asked.

Taking a deep breath to steady his nerves, "You could already be a winner...."

This was my 101st post! Yea to me!

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  1. the ending's not what I expected but it did brought an amusing smile to my lips