Saturday, March 7, 2009

Listen up People

This is a controversial subject that I am going to write about. I doubt that there is anyone who doesn't have an opinion, either agreeing with me or totally disagreeing. There is no middle ground with this topic.

I believe that the United States government should repeal the second amendment. Told you it was controversial.

The second amendment in it's entirety reads: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

When our Forefathers wrote our constitution there was not an organized military as there is today. They wanted to make sure that if their new country was under attack, the citizens would be able to defend it. They wanted to make sure that owning a gun would not be against any law.

We now have an organized militia. We have the strongest, largest, most heavily funded fighting force in the world. It is no longer "necessary to the security of a free State" for people "keep and bear arms."

Germany had 381 gunshot related deaths in 1999, France had 255, Canada had 165, the United Kingdom had 68, Australia had 65, Japan had 39,and the United Sates had 11, 127 gunshot related deaths.

All these countries, except the United States don't even arm their police forces.

The other countries have banned gun ownership and their violent crimes are lower than ours. Our crimes have become more violent. Our criminals are not afraid because our penalties are not strong enough. It is legal to own guns here. It is even legal for a violent convicted felon to own a gun after all parole has been served. Yeah, that's what I want is a proven violent person allowed to own another means to violence.

I am not some crack pot liberal gun control freak. I am someone who has put a lot of thought into my position. I do believe that ALL guns should be banned. If a citizen were to be caught with a gun, the penalty should be so stiff that it would discourage them from even considering having one the first place. I am a person who is sickened by the violence in our country caused by guns.

The amount of hunting done in this country for food, not sport is on a decline. For the few who still hint to feed their families there is always bow and arrow, which is a more exciting way to hunt.

I believe that repealing the second amendment and making stiffer penalties for the possession of a gun would make our country safer and freer to live in. We would no longer be afraid to walk at night, we would no longer have to worry about some nut job on the freeway. We could all relax and take a deep breath.

Making the second amendment null and void would give our country a safer environment for our children to grow up in. We would become a nation of peace.


  1. (Had trouble commenting until I commented on your previous post.) I surely understand your position and sometimes favor it. But I think a better solution would be to enforce the laws on the books. There are many ways to murder. Good post.

  2. I agree with you, and I think they should stop making handguns and rifles.

  3. Living in the UK it is perhaps unfair of me to comment on another country's laws but I fully agree with you. How you would enforce it and get all the guns back in to be destroyed is another matter but certainly making the ownership of a gun illegal in the first place would be a start. Because of terrorist attacks some of our police at airports now carry guns and the sight is quite horrific to those of us who have grown up in a gun-less society.

  4. I too cringe at the sight of police carrying guns and often see hand guns and assault weapons are common at airports. However, my grandfather knew guns, hunted, kept them locked in his gun cabinet. I learned how to hunt from my grandfather and nearly shot my foot off. But I also learned I do not want to kill animals. I do not own a gun and have no intention of doing so. So for those folks who do hunt, why not continue the state-level hunting licensing programs, renewable each year, but link it to gun ownership. The problem is, for me, not one of civil liberties or individual freedom to keep a gun; it is more those who misuse that right. And that includes all those who work outside the law. So, though others may become very angry, I support your position to end gun ownership.