Thursday, January 29, 2009

Typical Day

OK so I needed help with getting a blog started. I found a place that gives ideas to be creative. I didn't know I needed help but it turns out I did. Who knew?
The idea is to tell of a typical day in high school. If I can remember back 35 years I will do just that.
I would start out by walking to my friend's house for breakfast. . In the winter we would have hot cocoa with buttered toast. In the warmer months it wold be Pop-Tarts and coffee. I can't even imagine it now.
Shortly after eating we would leave to walk the 6 blocks to school. I gave ourselves plenty of time because we had much socializing to do before we went into the building. We would stand across the street from the school smoking. If we stood there we only made the property owners upset but the school officials couldn't do anything to us. We were so clever, LOL.
I would go to home room and get checked in for the day. I was there and then I wasn't. I liked first period, English I always stayed for that class. Second period was math I think and I always skipped out. I do remember that fourth period was American History and that period I spent in the Vice Principal's office. He refused to let me transfer to a different teacher and I refused to go to class. I couldn't Skip out of the building for that period because he would miss me.
Lunch hour was spent either outside smoking or in the bathroom smoking. I knew just where to go to avoid detection from the hall monitor.
If I was actually going to leave the school grounds there was a certain door that made my escape safe to attempt. There was a long hall and the door to freedom was at the end of it. This was located next to the wood shop room. That teacher was just the absolute best to my teen age addled mind. He would act as my lookout. If he saw a hall monitor he would engage her in conversation long enough for me to make my getaway. Freedom at any cost was so important and he knew understood that.
After achieving this freedom, I would join friends in the parking lot and we would make further our escape by way of a car. We wold drive around and do, oh all sorts of things. Things that if I had ever caught my son doing, he would not have been allowed out of his room even now.
I didn't actually go to many classes. I liked English, Creative Writing, and Speech. I never missed those classes.
I think the graduated me just to get me out of the building permanently. I know that five years later when I brother followed me some teachers groaned when they read his last name off their attendance list. Poor kid.
My day was typical for me but no so typical for most of the students. I left to have fun, to get high,and to attend anti-war rallies.

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